774inc. Integrates VTuber Groups, Rebrands as Nanashiinku

Welcome, ななしいんく (Nanashiinku, with two I's)!

VTuber agency 774inc. has integrated its VTuber groups—Animare, Honey Strap, Sugar Lyric, and Hiyoku no Crosspiece—as well as solo talents into one group, which is now named ななしいんく (Nanashiinku, with two I's).

Talents under the said groups will now be referred to as Nanashiinku members, and the agency's website has been changed to reflect this integration. The website also describes the new branding in detail. Management company 774inc. retains its name.

The agency detailed its goal to create opportunities from multiple perspectives for its talents to shine in their own ways without being limited to their previous group structures. This applies in events, live performances, variety shows, game competitions, and merchandise.

These changes in structure will not affect the existing context and history of each group's activities prior to the integration. Nanashiinku will be producing content related to music, variety and gaming, and talents are not bound to one area. This setup helps staff to be agile and flexible in supporting them.

Projects are being planned under the new name, such as 3D online live performances (to be announced), two offline shows in local venues set to be held within the year, a second overall song, and regular game tournaments.

Updates will be shared through the official Nanashiinku accounts on Twitter and YouTube, and the accounts for the former units will remain operating with updates to be posted at a lesser frequency.

Nanashiinku is home to 29 VTubers including Patra Suou, Haneru Inaba, Rene Ryugasaki, Tirol Tsukinoki, and Tier Hebiyoi.

Banner Photo: Nanashiinku website