774 Inc.’s Komori Met to Join VSPO! In Historic Transfer

Esports-aligned VTuber under new management starting February 1, both agencies release separate statements regarding the move

Komori Met, a talent under 774 inc., has announced her graduation from the agency on January 31 this year. She is set to join the Virtual eSports Project (VSPO!) starting February 1, retaining her identity upon her transfer. This historic move is welcomed by the fans.

774 inc. and VSPO! released separate statements regarding the decision on their respective Twitter accounts.

The esports-aligned Met disclosed in her January 26 stream that she consulted her activities with 774 inc. management. Understanding Met's needs, the agency then consulted VSPO! if they can give her an opportunity to audition for them.

Prior to this, Met was part of 774 inc.'s VApArt group until its disbandment last January 7. Met is well-known by some VSPO! members so much that she was mistaken as a member by some of the audience during several collabs with VSPO! members.

She expressed her gratitude to 774 inc. management for listening to and addressing her concerns.

This is not the first time a VTuber was allowed to move between agencies while retaining their current identities:

  • AZKi was represented by Upd8 from February 14 until May 19, 2019 when she joined Hololive Production's then-music label Inonaka Music.
  • Kaminari Qpi and Hoshina Reki were former members of a VTuber group who became independent after its dissolvement in September 2020. Qpi joined VSPO! in January 2021, while Reki joined MAHA5 Japan in September of the same year.
  • In the English-speaking VTubing sphere, Kaneko Lumi and Fuura Yuri joined Phase-Connect as part of its Phase Invaders generation following their independence from the then-Cyberlive group.

Banner Photo: Channel Art illustrated by Momoshiki Tsubaki