A Divine SLAM: Divine Knockout Knocks YOU out!

Divine Knockout is a great breath of fresh air when it comes to platform fighters in its gameplay mechanics and pantheon.

If you've ever heard of or played Smite, then you know that usually its mother company Hi-Rez has dipped its toes into multiple genres like MOBAs, Hero Shooters and Battle Royales.

This time around though, Hi-Rez studio has dipped its toe into platform fighters—and it's unlike any other platform fighter you've seen.

This Ain’t Your Usual Fighter

Divine Knockout plays a lot more differently than mainstay platform fighters like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rivals of Aether, Multiversus, etc. The name of the game is to knock your opponents out of the stage. Simple, right? Well, yes and no.

Divine Knockout has mechanics that are a lot like your usual platform fighter. You hit your enemies to rack up damage, the more damage you or the enemy has the farther they will fly—you know, the usual platform fighter shtick.

The only twist is, these fights aren't in side-scrolling form, they are in hectic arenas filled with hazards that are all in full-blown explorable 3D maps!

One of the maps you will be fighting in Divine Knockout.

Smite SuperSlam? Sorta.

What sets Divine Knockout apart from the rest of the platform fighters isn't just the usual percent damage system, it's the unusual skills and powers you will use to knock your enemies out of the arena.

Divine Knockout doesn't opt for insane tech that can be abused, monstrous amounts of meta-defining crap, or even entire spreadsheets on how to use scrimblo dingo the star hyena.

Instead, it gives you 2 attack skills, an evasive/movement skill for recovery that can also be used for attacks, your ultimate and a dodge button.

Each of these have their own cooldowns so they don't get abused and spammed, and encourages the player to do their best to have fun. The stages are also filled with insane hazards that make each match more hectic than the last!

Pick Your Flavor of Gods and Win!

You can pick from a roster of 10 Gods (with more coming in the future, hopefully). Each one has their own unique skills that help you win.

Matches in Divine Knockout are done in a best-of-3 with alternating modes in between each round, where all players pick one of 2 maps that will be shown when a round is over.

If every player picks different maps, the game will pick randomly what map and mode will be played. If all players picked the same, then said map and mode will be played.

The game modes are King of the Hill, Team Knockout, etc. Each mode is hectic in its own right, so be ready to see a lot of crazy.

Is DKO a Streamable Game?

I found myself talking a lot of smack and getting shut up by opposing players with each match, so I enjoyed each match with lots of glee.

I can guarantee that chat would definitely enjoy a game where they can laugh as you get destroyed or cheer when you get an awesome kill. I definitely recommend streaming this.

A battle-ready Sol.

Divine Knockout is a surprisingly great game with some flaws (those being the queue and the small amount of Gods).

The rest of the game is definitely a treat as it's an arena platform fighter that reminds me of the good old party arena fighters like Shrek Super Slam and Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion.

Rating: 4/5 Skulls