Aetheria Project’s Alchemilla Menace to Go On Indefinite Hiatus

Donation links and Twitch subscriptions will remain open, agency states

Alchemilla Menace from independent VTuber group Aetheria Project has announced that she will be suspending her streaming activities and go on an indefinite hiatus after her last stream, which will happen on August 26.

In a personal statement posted by Menace, she said that she is dealing more recently with stress in her real life, and that she needs to take some time off to focus on her family and take care of them.

Aetheria Project has also formally announced Menace’s indefinite hiatus, stating her donation links and Twitch subscriptions will remain open, albeit fans shouldn’t expect any content from Menace’s side.

Aetheria Project, formerly the US-based VTuber company CyberLive, came into fruition when they debuted their first generation on July 14, 2021. The company rebranded as Aetheria on May 12, citing difficulties in terms of financial / budgetary issues, as well as continued targeted harassment of the company and its talent, according to its press release back then.

The current lineup for Aetheria includes Momozora Seina, Utano Pandora, Oumiya Emma, Inami Yoki, and Vera Vee, who formerly served as CyberLive’s manager. Former talents Ayane Hylo and Kurohana Inori became independent VTubers, while Amaris Yuri and Kaneko Lumi transferred to Phase-Connect.