Amelia Watson’s ChikuTaku Rhythm Game Is a Dream Come True for Hololive Star

Amelia Watson’s ChikuTaku rhythm game, developed alongside her first original song, is everything the Hololive star dreamed of.

Amelia Watson stood alone as the only member of Hololive English’s first generation, Myth, to not have an original song after more than two years.

However, she was determined to tick off one of her debut goals ⁠— learning to sing and finally getting her voice out there in ChikuTaku, her first original song, which debuted on January 17.

But the detective couldn’t just leave it there with a musical number. She had to flex her well-pronounced tech muscles too. ChikuTaku isn’t just a song but an entire rhythm game, with Amelia working alongside a team of developers to bring one of her dreams to life.

ChikuTaku is now live on Amelia’s own page, and it’s a fun and punchy rhythm title for dedicated fans. Inspired by Rhythm Heaven Fever, it’s the amalgamation of two months' work and more than a year of on and off planning.

"I initially started working on [it] over a year ago, but it was before I had the original song," she told fans on stream. "I kind of lost the game, but we were working on an idea for a Hololive rhythm game like what we made but with other songs and other members."

"I ended up getting sick and not following through, but I brought everyone back together to work on this."

"We only started work in November, so a little less than 3 months. It wasn’t really that long. I just wanted to really try doing this, at least once, and I’m happy with how it turned out."

Amelia did admit with a bit more time and manpower they could have made it a bit longer and with more elements, but as far as music videos go, the interactive element is certainly unique and has the flavor of Ame through and through.

There are fun little homages to the VTuber’s lore, including a twerking Bubba whenever you miss every note on the map. However, there’s more easter eggs out there for players to discover.

"I know it’s not really a game you can keep playing and playing—you can if you really enjoy the song⁠—but I hope you guys play every now and again for fun, to give it some more use. It’s like an experience. Everybody worked really hard on it, and it’s super cute."

As for ChikuTaku’s future? There are some planned bug fixes and updates in the coming weeks, and there might be some more content along the way too. She hopes to be able to update the game without adding too much new content—but a couple of different game modes will be nice.

"I planned it from the start [for the game] to be the music video for the original song and also playable. It’s kind of the whole point. So, I don’t know how much replayability the game has."

"It would be cool to add more levels and stuff like that. You know how in Rhythm Heaven Fever you can do individual mini games and then it's a mix at the end? This is like showing the mix at the end, so it would be cool to do individual mini games based on each section."

At the time of publishing, the ChikuTaku music video has more than 300,000 views on YouTube, with the rhythm game being played thousands of times already.