AniLive Vertical Streaming App on Open Alpha Stage

Applications for AniLive's open alpha are now open.

Anotherball's vertical streaming platform AniLive opens its alpha stage to interested VTubers who want to stream through their app.

AniLive to streamers as a new way for them to create and connect with their community. The app enables VTubers to stream straight from the app without the need for external third-party programs. This allows them to connect directly to their audience at any location anytime.

Their invite-only closed alpha stage maintained over a hundred concurrent viewers consistently through all 27 debuts of its first partner agency NEXAS.

How Does the AniLive App Function?

AniLive's technology lies on its unique way of streaming data into the app.

Unlike the common video streaming seen on major platforms, AniLive streams three types of data – tracked motion, voice and chat – giving a low-latency streaming experience with minimal bandwidth.

In other words, the viewers are not watching a streamed video, but a moving character processed by the app installed on each device.

What Happens During AniLive's Open Alpha Stage?

During its open alpha stage, iOS users with iOS X higher will be able to download AniLive from App Store and be the first to experience it for themselves.

As the app is still in its early phase, there are a limited number of streamers and options. However, future expansion is already in development, including its release for Android devices, customization options, events, campaigns, and more.

Anotherball CEO Shunsuke Oyu (also known as Captain) looks forward to the value AniLive will add to the VTuber scene as the world gradually becomes more-avatar oriented. "We believe that virtual avatars, many inspired by [Japanese] anime, will become more ubiquitous in every industry.

"Our motto is ‘Live as you want to be’ – AniLive will lower the barrier for people to become who they want to be and create and express themselves freely. We are confident that AniLive’s release will result in positive trends and the expansion of the VTuber industry and community."

AniLive will also exhibit at OffKai Expo Gen 3 from May 31 to June 2 featuring miniature acrylic stands of participating independent VTubers.

Applications for AniLive's open alpha streaming are open to VTubers and can be accessed through its website.

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