Anime North 2023 to Host PRISM Project, Indie VTubers

28 VTubers and VTuber-adjacent personalities will be coming to Canada's biggest fan-run anime convention this May

Anime North 2023, the annual premier fan-run anime event in Canada, will be a host to talents from VTuber agency PRISM Project as well as many VTubers and VTuber-adjacent personalities from the independent scene.

Image collage of VTuber guests announced at Anime North 2023. (Photos taken from Anime North website)

PRISM agents who will have their appearance at the event include Aoi Tokimori, Iku Hoshifuri, Shiki Miyoshino and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) influencer ambassador Rita Kamishiro.

More than 20 VTubers from the indie circuit will also be appearing at this year's event:

  • Duo Leveling (Yuki and Yuna Astrea)
  • Yumemi
  • Yasushi Pandoru
  • Vexoria the Sun Eater
  • Pomatomaster
  • Oni Giri
  • Niamocha
  • Nemurenai Kai
  • Nana Asteria
  • Moosuki
  • Mei Kitsune
  • Maple Winters
  • Hylo
  • Hazumi "Aileen" Okazaki
  • Haru Nishumura
  • Girl_DM_
  • Fumiko "Fumi" Hoshi
  • CottontailVA
  • bkbk_tomoko
  • AQUA+
  • Shimizu Aiyu

Last but not the least, the famed host of random interview show Domodachis, DomoArigathanks, will be joining the guest roster.

Anime North, the largest anime convention in Canada based on number of visitors, was inaugurated 25 years ago in 1997. According to data from, more than 34,000 people have visited the said event in 2019.

Anime North will be held at the Toronto Congress Centre, Delta Hotel Airport and Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel on the weekend of May 26 to 28, 2023. Admission and other important updates can be found on its official website.