AuroraLiveVR's English Branch Undergoing Reorganization

Developing Story: Major staff overhaul an effort to improve internal structure

The English branch of Chinese VTuber agency AuroraLiveVR 极光社 (ALVR) is undergoing a massive reorganization which will see its current staff relieved of their duties.

As rumors regarding ALVR EN start to go out of hand, a representative cleared the air in a reply to a comment shared on the r/VirtualYouTubers subreddit.

  • ALVR management in China decided for the overhaul of EN staff in an effort to improve the branch's internal structure and to provide for all their talents.
  • Currently, ALVR's on-site staff in its China headquarters are taking charge of the branch's operations.
  • The talents have been informed of this overhaul. The staff and management agreed to end contract amicably at no cost as the English branch will have new management. Many talents wanted to leave, and their managers supported their decision.
  • Other activities will be temporarily postponed, such as Saha Kyuri's subathon and Lilian's streams for the week.
  • One source who is a former staff member told NewsDrop that many of the branch's talents want to keep their models as they love it; they enjoyed their time and the people they met inside the branch.

Just this month, six members have announced their departures from the agency to become independent VTubers: NekoHimeLotus, SuRge, Katya Himura, Lapis Umina, Pews and Gemuyo.