Buried Alive Banger - Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu

Since a lot of good games have been effectively buried alive by the amount of junk out there, we wanted to start highlighting some of the buried treasures we find in Booster's ridiculous collection.

This week's Buried Alive Banger is: Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu. It's been out for a little under a year, but hasn't caught the traction that some other melee focused VR fighting games have.

Personally, I've done about 100 hours in DFKF, and it's a workout but very satisfying when you start getting good at the game. The creator of the game is a real life martial artists, and as such, has made every part of the player's avatar usable in combat. Wanna grab someone by the throat slap their face a few times and then knee them in the groin? Well if you've full body tracking, it's possible.

There's a varied cast of character that each have their own stats and special moves. However, if you're looking for something a little more realistic there are a multitude of different modes ranging from "Realism" mode to "Fight all the ninjas". The game boasts a few different cameras for viewers to enjoy, such as a dynamic camera mode that changes perspectives intermittently and even a side view emulating a fighting game's camera.

If you've got VR and have had a hankering for some unarmed combat that isn't just Boxing, give a go, it's really good.