Changes at Twitter Affect Developers, VTubers Alike

Changes to API Access May Affect App Logins; VTubers Using Auto-Posting Applications Affected

Twitter continues to change to the surprise of its users. Its developer team has announced that free access to both versions v2 and v1.1 of the Twitter API will no longer be allowed by February 9, and a paid basic tier will be available instead:

According to the platform, its data sets are among the world's most powerful, and it commits to enabling fast and comprehensive access.

More details from the platform on how they plan to enforce this are yet to be followed—but Twitter CEO Elon Musk is setting expectations that API access could be around $100, with other users chiming in their ideas in the thread:

Changes to API Access May Affect App Logins

The use of Twitter API enables companies and even individuals to post tweets automatically (Twitter bots), use Twitter identity as a login method for websites, and cross-post to other social media platforms among others.

Changes in the use of the API prompted Anycolor Inc. to ask Nijisanji ID holders using Twitter as their main login access to link another social account:

VTubers Using Auto-Posting Applications Affected—Including Marshmallow

Several Twitter accounts were suspended following the announcement. Tokyo-based researcher and educator Jeffrey J. Hall has observed many users claiming that it may be linked to accounts which use the anonymous Q&A service Marshmallow.

On the side of VTubers, Jagaimo has reported her Live2D artist got suspended. She speculated that the suspension may be due to the use of Marshmallow, but she also shared insight from Japanese Twitter users that accounts could also be suspended if their tweets are repetitive.

Marshmallow's Twitter account was temporarily suspended along the process, and when it got restored, it asked users to appeal:

Banner Photo: Brett Jordan / Unsplash