Connecting Filipino VTubers and Fans Through ONLive Con

Event organizer: "The audience is very hyped to welcome a VTuber convention in our country, and we saw a lot of people look forward to it."

Next week, ONLive will debut as the Philippines' first VTuber fan event. Said event will have well-known local VTuber guests plus one overseas guest:

ONLive Convention Hosts VTubers Dasu, Maddie, KiraKiraKat
ONLive, the Philippines’ first VTuber fan event, will host independent VTubers Dasu, Maddie and KiraKiraKat for its maiden edition on April 22. Time to give your warmest welcome to our second event guest, @dasucakies! ▶️ They’re an Independent Music Producer and Artist, who debuted in 2016 with th…
ONLive Convention Hosts VTubers Pan the Bread, Kitsui Akira, KoMETA’s Elaine and Virgil
More guests coming up for the first VTuber-centric event in the country
ONLive Convention Hosts VTubers Nyaru, 8THiR3AL Projekt’s Azashi and Ren Shouta
The last set of guests for the Philippines’ first VTuber-centric event has been announced.

Before things get busy, we put the organizers at Pygmalia on the Spotlight to know why they established such an event, and what this means for the country's VTuber scene. Joining us is Sei, Natto, and Sgamma from the organizing team.

Why ONLive was Created

We first discussed how ONLive was conceptualized. What goals did they have in mind as they created the concept for this event?

Sgamma: VTubers have become more popular and accepted globally, reviving the classic anonymous entertainer/online content creator style with an innovative LIVE2D model and an added touch of character story. It's an innovative way of creating a more exciting form of creation.

With this global pop-culture, conventions overseas have invited VTuber/s as guests and even made a separate mini convention focusing on VTubers. As the Philippines is slowly catching up with the trend, this led us to create a VTuber event in order to bring the same wave of happiness and excitement to everyone.

Natto: As a VTuber fan and someone who wanted a themed convention, I wanted to create an 'online meets offline' event with the VTubers and their fans. Which is why our key term for this convention is "CONNECT".

I was also inspired and motivated by the US VTuber-based convention "OffKai Expo" and especially by my friends who wanted a VTuber-centric convention.

Our goal is to unite fans all over the Philippines and give local VTubers their own breakthrough or spotlight in the community.

Sgamma: [We aim to] create a new experience at a convention where offline meets online with a gathering of fans and enthusiasts.

What They See in the VTubing Community

Now that ONLive is being established in the community, what do they think of the country's current VTuber landscape and its fans?

Natto: VTuber fans are very passionate individuals, much like anime fans, and they are very supportive of their oshis as well.

Sei: Promising. Fortunately, VTubers in the Philippines is booming. A lot of people are getting into it, and the community is welcoming. This was proven when we started ONLive.

The audience is very hyped to welcome a VTuber convention in our country, and we saw a lot of people look forward to it. If this goes forward, I can see a lot of potential and growth among VTubers and supporters in our country.

We then asked them what the event could contribute to this growing audience.

Natto: Just like what inspired me and our vision, it is to support VTubers, both international and especially our local ones.

Sei: ONLive was pioneered with a goal—to strengthen the community and be a foundation for audiences and VTubers whether indie or with a company.

This is why we made sure to have a variety of groups, guests, and media participate: To show appreciation and support for both local and international VTubers who've been with us, and to be an event where they can freely show their support and interests.

What Should We Expect at ONLive?

In conclusion, what should we expect at ONLive, and why people should look forward to this upcoming event:

Natto: Fun and exciting activities with our programs and especially our guests!

Sei: Fun. ONLive aims to give a fun and interactive experience for both our honored guests, partners, and congoers. There will be exhibitors, panels, a cosplay competition, panels, a concert, and much more!

Natto: We have a lot to look forward to at the event...
Sei: Because we have a lot in store for the community.

ONLive will be held at Upper Box Events Space above Unbox at Promenade Mall, Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila on Saturday, April 22, 2023. Tickets will be available on-site for walk-in visitors.

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