Gallery: VTuber Cosplays at Cosplay Matsuri 2022

VTuber cosplays in the Philippines continue to rise as we share unique cosplay photos from the recently held year-ender.

Cosplay Week in the Philippines is over, as the much-awaited year-end event Cosplay Matsuri comes to a close. NewsDrop went on a photo-taking spree through the three-day event. Here's what we found out based on the cosplay photos we captured:

  • Nijisanji Cosplays, especially with its English branch, continues to be a trend among cosplayers. This is also reflected in the number of Nijisanji EN fan merch available at the convention.
  • VTubers who are rarely cosplayed pop up at the event, which is a surprise considering the said trend.
  • Cosplays of agency talents are still popular—Hololive's Hoshimachi Suisei, Hololive English's Gawr Gura, and Nijisanji EN's Luxiem group are still among the highly-cosplayed characters.

Ninomae Ina'nis and Amelia Watson

A few cosplayers dress up as Hololive English's Ninomae Ina'nis. Ina's full costume can be heavy, and with the huge crowd showing up at the halls, it's not feasible to show the full potential. However, that won't stop Takodachis from expressing their love for HoloMyth's comfiest member.

The same goes with Ina's colleague Amelia Watson, whom we saw through a few other cosplayers.

Cosplays of Retired VTubers

Without sugarcoating, cosplays of VTubers who retired either out of their personal decision or was forced to retire for various reasons, implies that people remember them and their contribution to the VTuber community and its fans. Such are the cosplays of Yugo Asuma, Kiryu Coco and Uruha Rushia.

Rare VTuber Cosplays

Hololive English

The common standard for a "rare" cosplay is that it's not done by anyone else until that day. That said, it is at Cosplay Matsuri that we saw rare cosplays of Hololive English's Takanashi Kiara and Ouro Kronii, as well as Natsuiro Matsuri from Hololive's main Japanese branch.

(We are also informed that someone cosplayed IRyS during the event, and the only lead we have at the moment is an Instax photo shared to us by a friend.)

Hololive Japan

Speaking of rare cosplays, someone cosplayed as Astel Leda, Momosuzu Nene, and (a casual) Amane Kanata, bringing in more variety to the fray.

Another cosplay that's not frequently seen are those of Himemori Luna and Usada Pekora.

Nijisanji EN Obsydia

Rare cosplays can also be described by the kind of costume a cosplayer dons; in this case we can consider cosplayers dressed in the new outfits of Nijisanji EN's Obsydia members Rosemi Lovelock, Selen Tatsuki and Petra Gurin as rare cosplays.

Nijisanji EN ILUNA

Cosplays of another NijiEN branch, sixth wave ILUNA, are also gaining traction. Kyo Kaneko, Maria Marionette, Aster Arcadia and Ren Zotto are getting some love from cosplayers.

Enna Alouette

Another Nijisanji EN talent, the (stressed) songstress Enna, also gets her spotlight among the cosplaying crowd during the event.

Other Nijisanji Cosplays

Cosplays of Nijisanji members Kanae, Amamiya Kokoro and Himawari Honma are also present, as shown in the photos above. This shows that even with the visible presence of Nijisanji EN cosplays, the Japanese branch gets some love too.

VShojo Members KSON and Ironmouse

Cosplay of VShojo members were visible during the week as well, especially cosplays of Ironmouse.

Filipino VTubers

Filipino VTubers also have a cosplay presence at the event, such as Kaheru (twice), Miria from KoMETA Virtual Live (a rare cosplay teased by the costume maker on Facebook) and Nanasu Anone (which we wish we were able to take a photo of but failed to do so).

...and while she's with Nijisanji, we also consider the Canada-based Millie Parfait on this section as one of our very own fellows; thus, she's in this section.

We have more VTuber-related photos shared in the gallery below, so please check it out:

[NewsDrop] Cosplay Matsuri 2022

Thank you to the cosplayers who allowed NewsDrop to take photos of. We wish all of you and your oshi the best in 2023. Stay tuned on our social media for bonus content from the event, including a merch challenge on a budget.