Editorial Policy

  • We write just about anything that involves VTubing and its culture—Technology, Industry, and Community.
  • We cover, write and present stories with care and respect. This means we check the information first and check with official sources before publishing each story.
  • We give our best effort in producing our stories, but should there be any corrections of any severity, please let us know and we will look into it.
  • NewsDrop operates as an independent website in collaboration with its founding partner Kawa Entertainment. Opinion pieces written by individual writers do not necessarily reflect the views of VTuber NewsDrop and its partners.
  • We condemn acts of violence, such as criminal and terrorist activities. We do not post anything that is equivalent to doxing. Any story that will be published including these and similar elements will be properly indicated with content warnings.
  • The VTuber community promotes through collaboration, and it is possible that we accept offers from agencies, individuals, and brands. Any story published under specific conditions (such as Sponsored Content) shall be labeled.
  • Most VTubers often work with themes which may not be suitable for children, and we advise readers to keep these in mind as they read through our stories.

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