Ex-VShojo’s Radpuppy On How VTubing Is Saving the Content Creation Industry

Alexandra de la Cruz, known by her stream moniker as Radpuppy, recently published a Twitter thread explaining how VTubing has ‘saved’ the content creation industry. Her public views come days after she announced stepping down from her leadership role at agency giant VShojo as its vice president of talent and brand.

For starters, she has observed that the VTubing creator economy is flourishing on its own, and is self-sufficient. One of the key contributors to this thriving online economy is demand on artists, where artists provide for content creators, then content creators provide for the masses and in turn it brings up more demand for more artists.

“Seeing more artists uplifted and celebrated, empowers and encourages not just other artists but the platformed artists understand what it means to struggle as an artist and then provide education or guidance to other artists, greatly increasing the next generation of artist's improvement,” she said.

Looking both at the successes and downfalls

One of the things that she also mentioned on the success of VTubers is that when given the proper resources, they are able to build and capitalize off a cohesive brand, with artists being able to help them build that cohesive brand online.

“VTubing blowing up has allowed this economy to cycle faster and thus grow in population more and more, creating a call to arms for all passionate artists: production and entertainment alike,” she added.

However, she had noted that gatekeeping and jealousy within the community remains an issue that will be detrimental to the growth of the VTubing community. She also stressed in the thread that VTubing has been one of the reasons why art needs to be respected.

“If we don't respect the art, the art can't provide us that self-sustaining economy of success. In today's world we are immersed in brands trying to viciously fight for our precious resources. Learn to listen to yourself and who you truly are and what you truly want, to not get tugged and influenced in undesirable directions for yourself,” she explained.

Views on corporate influence on VTubing

Radpuppy also mentioned on her thread about the influence of corporations on the VTubing scene, stating that it is necessary to maintain large amounts of success and manage large amounts of individuals and communities. However, she added that corporate VTubing still mirrors behavior expressed in the gaming industry.

“We’re still too immature to pave our own ways out of fear or being too fearful to hold the responsibility of steering our ship to clear waters from an uncharted path. Meanwhile, people are more likely to do ‘what's already worked’ versus being more creative. Which is understandable and respectable,” she said.

Radpuppy added, “Investors want to see comparable growth [but most] investors are too uneducated (nonendemic) in our space to believe potential. There are some investors that are advanced enough to see it, but most early investors of esports n bedroom orgs are just gambling essentially.”

Looking back at the VTubing scene

Radpuppy admitted that she was skeptical about the space beforehand, and then realizing the diversity it has after meeting with talented artists, creators, and production workers; while calling them ‘empowering leaders’.

"VTubing opens many new and [‘unconventional’] paths for all. And I believe it's passion that carries immeasurable success. VTubing is the most passionate space I've ever been around," she said.

She also added, “I've also noticed that VTubers are more willing to have conversations of what went wrong (post-mortem), even if a lot of it is due to drama, at least the conversations are happening. Healing as a whole versus behind closed doors is beneficial for everyone and their growth as people.”