Gallery: VTuber Stuff at Comic Vket 3

We checked out the VTuber-related booths at the annual comic convention hosted on VRChat!

Comic Vket3, dubbed the largest comic convention in the virtual space, returned this year with a full-on library environment. We've seen a lot of exhibitors from past Comic Vkets—I remember one book which teaches you how to achieve that babiniku voice being sold there—and we get to see more VTubers featured this year.

I did a speed run of the whole event and its five worlds (Olpers, Philgo, Hygipt, Iasen and Lenact) and here are the VTuber stuff I found interesting:

Liv-erse sets up a booth to promote the group, as well as an illustration book featuring one of its VTubers, Meta Quest ambassador Clea.
VTubers*Atelier enters Comic Vket with their flagship VTuber Design Book first presented at Comiket 100 last year.
Liebe Channel offers the latest chapter of their doujin comic which is part-manga and part-photobook.
Aoi Hinata offers a beautiful cosplay illustration book featuring the VTuber dressed up in various clothes.
Kusetu Lumia has two photobooks on sale, and each has an added mini-novel.
Virtual creator Hoshiyui Loliko has a collection of illustrations on sale.
Unreally has an interesting story of someone getting into the virtual world, which currently has 3 chapters.
Rohito Tsubakura also presents his art book on sale.
GSong, who is a mama to several VTubers, showcases their models.
Yukie Suzu also has her art book featuring several illustrations.

We hope this gallery helped you navigate through the stuff you have missed at the annual event. We still have several Virtual Markets to explore this year and I definitely look forward to share the stuff fellow VTuber fans need to see. Thank you for reading!