Gundam Evolution Enters Season 3

The rise of a more balanced mobile suit game.

Gundam Evolution has entered its third season of live service with a hefty update which brings 2 Nu units and a lot of balance patches for almost every unit.

The new season is divided in 2 segments, one called "Defencer" and the other called "Ignition".

Defencer brings us the unit Hyperion Gundam, a defensive type Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED X ASTRAY that specializes in holding the line for allies as well as defending itself from attacks from all sides. Its G-Maneuver is a charge forward that impales enemy units and promptly destroys them when enough damage is dealt.

In terms of firepower, it's definitely one of the most accuracy-focused units even with its rapid-fire shots.

Ignition gives us Gundam Heavyarms Custom [EW] from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.

It is a unit with twin machine guns on each arm that primarily focuses on more offensive play than defense play, with a health pool of 1,200—meaning it can take a lot of punishment before going down. It can also do a somersault in order to dodge bullets and enemy attacks (and even taxes).

Its G-Maneuver is a simple barrage of missiles and bullets which leave a lingering burn effect for those who survived.

The season also brings us a major balance patch to units like Pale Rider, Barbatos, DOM Trooper and many more.

This patch coming to us since the number of shield wielding units has increased (these being Sazabi, Gundam, GM, Zaku II Melee and the new addition Hyperion).

The balance patch increased the clip size of certain units while increasing the damage and healing of other units', utilities while also decreasing some units' magazines as well as decrease other things.

The units hit were:

  • Pale Rider: Increased Mag Size, Increase in healing, Increased Grenade damage
  • Zaku II (Ranged): Mag size increase, Smoke Grenade cooldown
  • Barbatos: Decrease stun time with Long Sword
  • Methuss: Decreased healing from cable, Twin Shot Bullet Size

And many more which you can read up on the Gundam Evolution website.

Coming back into this game after waiting for it to balance out better was definitely worth the wait. Especially with some units still being locked behind the in-game currency, the game needed a better balance patch since mid-season 2.

Overall, the game has been a ton of fun now with the patch and hopefully more updates come in the future. If you didn't pick up the game before and were waiting for an Overwatch alternative, then definitely pick up Gundam Evolution.

It's boat-loads of fun and the devs do in fact listen to what the playerbase says and what they observe.