Gungrave G.O.R.E, a Decent Return From Everyone’s Favorite Deadman!

"The game is by no means bad, but the game is most definitely not like older Gungrave games (especially considering that this is a sequel to both games)."

Gungrave is a game that's been around since 2002 and is definitely one of those "sit down and shut your brain off" type of games.

You play as Grave, essentially a zombie that cannot be killed by conventional methods who is on a mission to protect the daughter of a man by the name of Big Daddy (no, I am not making this up) who's called Mika whom Grave promptly adopts.

That's not your only mission though, you're also tasked with eliminating the drug known as Seed, an alien drug that gives users inhuman strength that's being peddled by the mafia known as the Raven Clan.

Who else for the job of cleaning up these scumbags than a former mafia hitman and his daughter?

Grave and his daughter Mika

Somewhat Same Gameplay, All New Mechanics

Gungrave G.O.R.E has changed a LOT in comparison to its predecessors Gungrave and Gungrave Overdose.

You walk around with a giant coffin that's also a giant gun wielding a set of handguns while shooting damn near everything that you encounter that moves (or doesn't since it's gonna explode anyway).

The BIG changes are with the new mechanics that the game throws at you during the couple of chapters.

You can now hook enemies to you or grapple towards them with the right bumper, do finishers on stunned enemies, do explosive damage by using a demolition strike and go into a Seed imbued rage using 'Fury mode'. Most of the game is played by shooting it all and leaving zero survivors.

Some Problems Here and There

The game runs INSANELY well and looks very stunning. My main issues are the auto aim that seems to sometimes do whatever it wants to do, the method to restore HP and then some.

That being by using Demolition Strike, which is gained by shooting enemies until the bar below your shields fill up and you gain a demolition point.

Each Demolition Shot is dependent on how many demolition points are available. Some D-Shots require 2 points while others cost 3 whole points. You, of course, get more points by upgrading them using the Lab (which you unlock after Level 2) alongside your health, your shields and many more things.

You can also reset any upgrades if you feel like making a new build for whatever level you're playing.

Levels and Enemies

Shoot the bad guys, until they stagger you.

The game can be really fun to play most of the time, but there are SOME enemies that really break the pacing of the game.

While playing the game, you rack up what is called 'beat', this counter unlocks the ability to use the 'Storm Barrage' ( or Y respectively on whatever console you're playing on) which shoots in an area around you.

Unfortunately, more often times than not, the game will throw certain enemies that CAN break your beat due to their nature of how they function.

Rocket launcher enemies either stagger you or knock you down entirely (and they are ABUNDANT in this game, to the point they're around almost every corner), melee enemies that also stagger you are also in the mix, and there's enemies that were designed to literally make you aim (while not necessarily bad, it certainly doesn't help when your vision is mostly cloudy, and you can barely see the enemies).

Think Before You Shoot.

When in doubt, think?

The game is definitely fun, it's shoot everything until you can't galore and has more than enough enemies to mow down.

However, there are definitely pace breaking aspects of the game like the number of enemies that can definitely stop you with how much they swarm you, the number of enemies that can stagger you by shooting you with specific weapons, and the hazards that will either confuse Grave or knock him back while setting him ablaze.

With the new update, you can now turn on a mode that's called 'full auto'. It allows you to shoot by pressing and holding the firing button. Alternatively, you can use single fire mode which you have to constantly press the fire button (which has been changed to the right trigger).

The game is by no means bad, but the game is most definitely not like older Gungrave games (especially considering that this is a sequel to both games).

It's a grind fest to get all your upgrades before advancing further into the story and into more levels, but at least you can have fun shooting mafia members while you grind for that sweet, sweet SEED.

Final rating

2/5 Skulls

The game tries its best to be Gungrave and add more into the formula (which normally isn't a bad thing).

It certainly missed the mark by a little bit. Game is still enjoyable from time to time and CAN be fun.