Holo*27 Albums Top Billboard Japan Most-Downloaded Albums

Billboard Japan's Top Download charts for (which covers March 13 to 19) lists the two Holo*27 albums on the top spot, dominating albums from Ikuta Lilas (YOASOBI), One Piece Film Red and Liella! during that period.

Hololive Production's collaboration with musician DECO*27 are composed of Originals and Covers albums, released March 15 and performed by talents live during the Hololive Super Expo 2023 and 4th Fes Our Bright Parade last weekend at Makuhari Messe.

Each album has 10 songs, and the Originals album include collab singles Sweet Appetite (Gawr gura x Hakos Baelz), Mosh Race (Sakura Miko x Usada Pekora) and Lip-Sync (Murasaki Shion x La+ Darkness).

The artist-producer approached the agency with the thought of having its talents perform a number of songs he produced, according to an interview with Real Sound.

Banner Photo: Holo*27 Website