Hololive Star Laplus Darkness Breaks Hiatus To Denounce Death Threats

Laplus Darkness has returned briefly from hiatus to speak out on the death threats she received, forcing her to take time off in the first place.

holoX VTuber Laplus Darkness (stylized La+ Darkness) took an extended, indefinite hiatus just before the year’s end, stepping back from the limelight on December 5, 2022.

Hololive and Laplus, at the time, cited “mental illness” as a core reason⁠—but the star only opened up on how bad it was during a brief return on February 28.

In the 30-minute stream, she detailed the level of harassment she was getting, including death threats.

“Long time no see,” she opened with, according to a translation. “Somehow I’m even more nervous than during my debut stream. I’m not sure where to start. For now, let me tell you why I went on hiatus.

“The issue was my state of mind. Just doing my activities and I see all sorts of opinions flying by. Not only are they freely assuming whatever they want, but then telling me ‘Sorry that is the truth.’ What can I say back to that?

“I did try to ignore those negative comments, but some of them were a bit too personal. That was a lot to take in. Like I never directly said anything to you, didn’t do anything to hurt you, then why is this person sending death threats to me? It really made me wonder. Then I lost my will to do anything at all.”

The Secret Society’s leader was forgiving this time around. She had a peace offering to “forgive all the slander and death threats I’ve received until this very moment.” But she will not be as merciful next time.

She referenced Hololive and Nijisanji’s joint statement in December 2022, with the two VTuber agency giants stepping up for their talents and tackling harassment head-on.

“Any offhanded comments you make could become the trigger to make me want to quit streaming forever, who’s to say right? Let’s be careful about that at least.

Laplus’ brief return was a relief for her Dark, but it will be some time until she makes a fully-fledged comeback. There is a stream scheduled for March 6, but beyond that, she hasn’t locked in anything solid.