Nijisanji, Hololive Share Updates on Anti-Slander and Defamation Efforts

Anycolor and Yuki Chihiro will receive 1.2 million Yen in damages after taking a person to court for defamation; Hololive reveals more than 100 cases of harassment dealt with in 2022

Major VTuber agencies Cover Corp. (Hololive) and Anycolor, Inc. (Nijisanji) released a joint statement on December 5 last year, collaborating with each other to combat slander and defamation.

Nijisanji and Hololive previously spoke out together against all harassment in the VTubing space, banding together and vowing to create a safer environment for all creators.

Both agencies continue to update their fans through separate updates on their official channels. This post gives details on each of their announcements shared today, February 1, 2023.
Yuki Chihiro of Nijisanji 

After reporting dozens of harassment, slander, and defamation cases being handled behind closed doors, Anycolor—the parent company of Nijisanji⁠—has shared a very public win in the never-ending social media battle.

  • A specific harasser, targeting Japanese VTuber Yuki Chihiro, has been ordered to pay around 1.2 million Yen (~$9,200 USD) to the company.
  • If they fail to pay in time, this will be tripled to around 3.7 million Yen (~$28,500 USD).

The result, reached on February 1, has been described by Anycolor as “a very important achievement towards deterring slander against our Livers.

We will continue to work with our Livers, and initiate legal proceedings against similar users online,the company said, according to a translation.

Yuki Chihiro is one of Nijisanji’s bigger Livers, with more than 600,000 subscribers on YouTube and nearly 500,000 followers on Twitter. She was one of the most watched female streamers in 2022 across all platforms, thanks in part to her packed schedule on Twitch and YouTube.

Hololive Reveals More Than 100 Cases of Harassment Dealt With in 2022

Screencap of Hololive Production's website

Nijisanji’s legal win also comes on the same day rival agency Hololive revealed the results of their 2022 anti-defamation and slander efforts, handling 146 cases in 12 months.

This includes taking legal action against those sending death threats to talents, as well as numerous court proceedings and settlements for various other matters.

Our hope is that all Hololive talents can enjoy interacting with their fans,” Cover said in a statement. “We will continue to take measures against slander and defamation, and also provide the talents with the required mental and emotional support.