HoshiLive Closes Operations, VTuber Talents To Become Independents

US-based VTuber agency HoshiLive Productions has announced that it is officially closing its operations by September 30, with the entirety of its talent lineup going independent. HoshiLive is a VTuber agency handled by production company CreatLive LLC.

In their official statement, HoshiLive has stated that their “ambitions were high, while their experience with handling a company was low”, adding that it has been a learning experience for the company regarding this project moving forward.

It has also stated that it also intends to sell the VTuber model of Sylvia Soleil, who became inactive after the agency lost contact with the talent behind the VTuber. The agency has stated that the VTuber model is priced at US$2,600, and includes customized graphics for streaming, corresponding emotes, and background music.

The twin VTubers Yuki and Yuna Astrea, known to the community as “Duo Leveling” expressed their appreciation on Twitter, thanking fans and HoshiLive for being with them in their VTuber journey. They have also noted that membership and super chat features might be temporarily suspended for the meantime as they undergo their independent transition.

Meanwhile, Generation 2020 talent Nova Ayumu has announced that she is renaming herself as Yui Aimee, and has stated that her previous YouTube content as Nova will be unlisted as part of the rebrand effort.

Other HoshiLive talents include Generation 2021 members Mia Hana and Elora Eden, as well as Generation 2022 member Mei-en Astraphel, aside from the Duo Leveling talents. All of the talents have posted similar messages of gratitude to their agency as well to their fans across their Twitter profiles.

HoshiLive is founded by its ‘founding fathers’, namely Mark Sangurima (CEO and Co-Founder, Paul Garcia (Secretary & Co-Founder), and Bruce Jarama (Treasurer & Co-Founder). The agency’s closure follows a slew of similar VTuber agency closures, including of Haven-X, Stellux, and CyberLive (which transitioned into the VTuber group Aetheria Project).