Idol Virtual Talents Debut New Trio ENCORE

Indie VTubers Shabel Tonya, Chikafuji Lisa join VTuber agency

Following the debut of its new Spanish unit EternalS early this May, idol Virtual Talents also introduced its first music-focused unit ENCORE Saturday, May 11.

Meet the idol ENCORE talents

Joining Enya Ignis – who was revealed prior – into the new group are independent VTubers Shabel Tonya and Chikafuji Lisa.

  • Smilodon VTuber Tonya debuted as a VTuber under an agency and has released her first original song in December 2021,
  • Nightmare sheep Lisa debuted a month earlier in November 2021 and has a dedicated playlist of choice songs to help new viewers to get to know her.
  • Fire VTuber Enya is the fast-talking member of the ENCORE unit. The agency describes her as follows: "Enya is completely rebranding with a new VTuber IP. You might be familiar with her identity from her previous VTuber life, which will be revealed during her debut stream."

Tonya and Lisa also revealed new models during their idol ENCORE debuts, alongside an original song sung by the three ladies titled "REBOOT."

Agency is "now more open" to adopting VTubers

Days before the unit's debut, idol CEO and Founder Aviel Basin expressed on X/Twitter that the agency is "now more open to the idea of bringing VTubers with their existing [Intellectual Property] and might continue to do so in the future if we see a good fit.

"Talents joining idol with existing IP enjoy the same perks and benefits as all other idol talents, while they still maintain ownership of their channel and their IP. In exchange and to keep it fair, the contract duration is extended."

He adds that the adopted talents will still carry their IP should they decide to depart from the agency.