Independent VTuber Duroppu Joins Bond Talent Roster

Independent VTuber Duroppu Charming is joining the VTuber talent roster of Bond, a bilingual VTuber agency focused on English and Japanese-speaking talents.

The announcement is part of Bond’s recent additions to its first generation of English talents. They include Nijiiro Miyu, Bajiru, Hina Malina, and Yagami Noah.

Duroppu Charming was previously a part of Malaysian VTuber agency Projek Hikayat until she resigned from the agency on December 11, 2021. She maintained her independent VTuber status up until she joined Bond.

Bond is the VTuber agency arm of Bond Co. Ltd., a Japanese-based company founded in December 2016. It is currently headed by its CEO Ryosuke Sumiyoshi, and was known to previously produce web-based media content. Their venture into the VTuber scene first materialized in October 2021 with the launch of their exclusive VTuber livestream app IRIAM.