Inugami Korone Teams Up with Sonic for Japanese Exclusive Sonic Frontiers Bonuses

Sega of Japan announced an exciting collaboration with Hololive’s very own Inugami Korone to provide incredible bonuses for fans of both the super-fast hedgehog and gamer dog for Sonic Frontiers, which is due to release on November 8th.

According to Nintendo Life, these bonuses, which are apparently exclusive to Japan, will provide different Sonic- and Korone-themed items depending on where a customer pre-orders the upcoming game.

The shops offering their own unique Korone-themed bonuses are Amazon, which offers Korone sound effects, GEO which offers a Sonic-themed Korone original acrylic panel, Joshin Deki which has Korone-themed shoes and gloves that Sonic can wear, and Rakuten Books will replace the mascot character "Coco" to "Koronesuki"

Screenshot from Sonic Frontiers website

There is no word on whether any of these bonuses will reach the West, but it is not likely unless a customer imports the game.

Banner Photo from @SonicOfficialJP on Twitter