Ironmouse, Shylily Recognized on Top Female Twitch Streamer List for 2022

VTubers join other content creators in the rankings

VTubers Ironmouse of VShojo and indie Shylily have been recognized on the list of top female Twitch streamers for 2022, according to the latest data from StreamsCharts.

  • Ironmouse placed second on the list, with around 20.51 million hours watched for 2022. She follows popular streamer and OnlyFans creator Amouranth with 32.21 million hours watched. Meanwhile, Shylily ranked ninth with around 11.27 million hours watched, and following Kyedae, a popular streamer affiliated with 100 Thieves. The data was based on hours watched
  • In addition, popular Argentinian indie VTuber Nimu was also recognized in the rankings based on peak viewership. She ranked fifth on the list, peaking at over 89,000 concurrent viewers.
  • Nimu and Shylily were also recognized on the charts based on the followers they have gained in 2022. Nimu ranked fourth with around 980,000 followers gained, while Shylily ranked fifth with around 956,000 followers gained.

Ironmouse gained popularity this year, following a couple of subathons that put her into the spotlight, most notably giving more visibility to the VTubing community on Twitch. Meanwhile, Shylily rose to the VTubing ranks this year following her desire to get back to streaming following the pandemic.

  • It is worth noting that Ironmouse and Shylily have mostly appeared on the most-watched Twitch female streamers for every quarter of the year. For Q1, for instance, Ironmouse ranked first in the list as a result of her first-ever subathon. Meanwhile, Shylily ranked fifth at that time.
  • For Q2, StreamsCharts noted that VTubers had spent less time streaming by 57%, resulting in Ironmouse to only remain in the list, and dropping to seventh place. She then rose to sixth place by Q3, and then dropped to seventh again in Q4 while Shylily returned to nab eighth place.
Source: StreamsCharts