Ironmouse Takes Home Best VTuber at The Streamer Awards 2023

Ironmouse took home the only VTuber win at The Streamer Awards 2023 after the medium was highlighted in six categories.

The Streamer Awards 2023 included more VTubers than ever, with six categories featuring nominations from the medium.

While it featured many agency and indie names, it was Ironmouse who took out the top gong of Best VTuber. After her mega subathon in February 2022, Mouse flung Twitch VTubers into the spotlight. She was the first to reach 1 million followers, and broke many more records.

“I’m here in my bedroom right now and wearing my pyjamas, and I can’t believe that I won,” she said on stage, with Ludwig doing the honors of carrying her to the stage. “Thank you to VShojo for being an amazing organisation, helping me out, and all the amazing new friends that I’ve made.

Even Ironmama got a shout out in her victory speech: “Thanks mom, I did something with my life!”

Ironmouse was also in the running for Best Just Chatting Streamer, but was pipped at the post by Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker.

Sitting at a table, carted around on iPads, the VTubers were well included in this year’s ceremony. Not only did they have their own dedicated award for the second year running, but VTubers appeared in five other categories.

While Ironmouse was the only VTuber to win on the night, it was a big moment for the medium overall as it was recognised on a wider scale than ever before.

“It meant the world to even get nominated,” Best Art Streamer nominee Dya Rikku tweeted. “Congrats Meat for winning, and same goes to Ross and Neon! Let’s keep up the amazing work.”

“It was an honour for even being beside such amazing streamers,” Froot added after her Best Battle Royale Streamer nomination. “I'm overjoyed for even having the opportunity! I love my community.”

The Streamer Awards, hosted by QTCinderella, peaked at nearly 400,000 viewers as it recognised the efforts of the top names in the space.