Kawa Entertainment Goes to Ikkicon 17!

Kawa Entertainment announces its biggest participation to date! Here's what's going to happen this weekend!

Brace yourselves for the big wave coming to Ikkicon 17 as Kawa Entertainment announces major activities this weekend! Meet-and-greets, autograph signings, panel discussions, and a VTuber concert are set to happen from January 20 to 22. (All times are in CST)

Meet and Greet Sessions

Meet and greet all Kawa talents and popular VTubers on the big screen or rolling around the convention floor! (The full schedule is released on Twitter)

Friday, January 20 (starting 11am)

Saturday, January 21 (starting 10am)

Sunday, January 22 (starting 10am)

IRL Autograph Sessions (all days)

Beyond the digital meet and greets, Senniursa, Hunikinn and Nene will be doing their IRL autograph sessions for all three days!

Panel Discussions and Concerts

A total of 5 panels and a VTuber concert are spread around the weekend's event schedule—know more about VTubing and be entertained during these activities:

Full-Time Streaming as a VTuber

(Friday 3pm - Main Events)
Koziichu and Mino Mieko, VTubers with 2 years streaming experience discuss income, scheduling, work-life habits and professional approaches to streaming!

The Lewdtuber Hour

(18+ - Friday 7:30pm - Panel Room 1)
Kota Kotonya and Kumo Kuddelmuddel dives into the uncensored world of lewd content creation! What unfiltered chaos will occur?

Juggling Content Creation and Mental Health

(Saturday 12pm - Main Programming 1)

KawaConcert 3D Virtual Live

(Saturday 4pm - Main Events)
Senniursa hosts the hour-long 3D concert featuring performances from Xion de Noir and PiaPi UFO.

What're You Sellin'? Japanese Gameshow

(Saturday 10pm - Main Programming 2)
PiaPi UFO hosts this wacky game show as part of the main programming.

VTuber 101

(Sunday 10:30am - Main Programming 1)
Let's talk about the VTuber industry with Kawa Entertainment

VTuber Merchandise

You can get VTuber merchandise from the Kawa booth in front of the Vendor Hall starting 10am this Friday.

Days before the big weekend, here's what Kawa's LunaVita generation has to say:

  • Hunikinn: "I am so excited to cause chaos and mayhem in Ikkicon! It's my first convention going in-person, and I am so happy to get the opportunity to go! I am so grateful to Kawa!"
  • Kota Kotonya: "I’m excited to be back at another fun convention! It’s always an amazing time meeting people and teaching others about the world of VTubing."
  • Koziichu: "This is my first convention panel ever, and I get to do it alongside one of my friends, who's never experienced a con before! It means a lot that I get to do all of this, it's only ever been a dream before now. I'm nervous, but so excited!"
  • Xion de Noir: "I am incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to fulfill one of my greatest dreams—having a live concert. It's an amazing feeling to be part of something so great to accomplish such creative and lively feats."
  • PiaPu UFO: "I never thought it'd be possible to get on stage in front of so many people, but it's been my dream for as long as I could remember. I get a little stage fright, and I can't dance too good but I pushed myself really hard every day so I could put on my best show. I seriously can't thank everyone enough for being there for me, for supporting me, and for pushing me to reach for the stars."
  • Senniursa: "Being invited as a featured VTuber guest for Ikkicon is beyond a dream come true for me, as a long-time anime fan and convention lover—I cannot thank miss Muu and the staff at Kawa enough for their hard work making this happen! I am so, so excited for the con itself as well as all of the awesome people I'll get to meet. See you there~!!"

This is Kawa Entertainment's biggest participation to date, and we hope to meet you at the Kalahari Resort & Convention Center in Round Rock, Texas on the weekend of January 20-22. See us make bigger waves!

Detailed schedule and ticketing information is available on its official website.