Latest from Acapella: June 2024

PixelLink Chronicle's Debut, Henya's 3D reveal and 1st anniversary, Hag Garden featuring Phase Connect stars, Rita Kamishiro's ConnectiVT charity stream

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PixelLink's 1st generation VTubers are watching along with everyone as the members of its second generation Chronicle debuts.

The first to debut, Kanna Yanagi, is the Call Duck Private Detective of PixelLink Chronicle. She speaks English, Norwegian, Passion Japanese, and Duck. With a clear love for video games, much of her upcoming content is focused on hardcore gaming and comfy ASMR.

Arisu Oshiro debuted next with a lore video explaining her Eldritch God origins. Now living as a princess, she had many a royal decree to announce.

Chio Chompi also began with a lore video, this time in the style of a children’s storybook. A dinosaur that was transported to our time when the meteor fell, she is simultaneously 66 million years old and only a few days old.

In between filling out legal documents for her new employment at PixelLink and getting snacks, we also saw a cover of Tom Cardy’s “Have You Checked Your Butthole?"

Daiya Fortuna, the last to debut, was down on her luck before winning it big with PixelLink. Now, she has her new casino where she hopes to play games of all kinds with visitors.

Each of the new members had wonderful new song covers premiere after their respective debuts, followed by a collab stream. – snakeeatingmouse

Henya's 3D Showcase

On 18 May (19 May in Japan), Henya the Genius celebrated her 1-year anniversary with VShojo. Her celebration included a 3D debut in the form of a video package.

We first see Henya in her usual stream setup, only for the background to fall down, revealing her 3D apartment.

After two song covers, she was visited by Kson, who wanted Henya to get physical with an exercise competition. Then, trying to get her to go outside, Zentreya stopped by and challenged her to an IQ battle.

Ironmouse then arrived and flexed on Henya with a JoJo pose-off. Feeling down from losing against her friends, she was then cheered up by Haruka who joined her in a duet of their original song, "Umbrella."

With renewed motivation, she cleaned her apartment to a cover of "Simple and Clean," then showed off her new 3D debut merchandise collection, including her jacket, her shoes, a notebook, and more.

With one last appearance from Zentreya via video message, things ended with a bang — a literal explosion — and credits rolling. Henya delivered a personal final heartfelt message giving thanks to end the stream. – snakeeatingmouse

Phase Connect's "Hag Garden"

On 12 May, Phase Connect fans were graced by the presence of "Hag Garden". Ember Amane hosted the first "shift" of the event on her channel, joined by Amanogawa Shiina and Kaneko Lumi as guests.

The second "shift" happened on Chisaka Airi's channel with Dizzy Dokuro, Kaminari Clara, and Runie Ruse.

During this event, Phase Connect invited all VTuber fans to drink (responsibly) with its "aging staff," a notion that Lumi took personally on Twitter reacting with this quote: “Did you have to add the aging part...”

Thus, people shared their drinks on X (formerly Twitter), Discord, and on stream with their oshi. As the girls started to go on their odd rants, experiencing this stream felt like hay fever.

Between some wild and lewd comments from the girls, Dizzy would invoke the old adage: “I think I need to be a little drunker for this.”

Totalling at 3 hours and 30 minutes for both streams combined, while short they are filled with plenty of already memorable moments.

It is important to remind you that neither Acapella Media nor Phase Connect encourage any form of excessive drinking, on or off stream. – Gilthunder

Rita Kamishiro's ConnectiVT Charity Stream

On 25 May, Kamishiro Rita organised her annual charity event for mental health awareness month. The event, called ConnectiVT, featured various panels with Mino Mieko, Mr Aejis, and Rita herself.

The viewers learned about various topics, from mental health first aid, how to engage healthily with social media, and how mental health can affect your body.

The entire stream serves as a great resource for VTuber fans and content creators at large on how to develop healthy habits and behaviours.

Something crucial in our post-COVID age, marked by mental health issues, the event raised money for NAMI, the National Alliance for Mental Illness.

The event was topped off with a concert for all to enjoy after an important afternoon of learning. In total, the event raised $2335 for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

A playlist is available on YouTube for all to rewatch, as well as a satisfaction survey to fill out on Rita's X (formerly Twitter) account.

To all our readers, here is a reminder to take care of yourself and your mental health. – Gilthunder

On top of these stories, Acapella's latest issue includes an exclusive interview with Production Kawaii's 5th generation, Ephemira.

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