Malaysian VTuber Valryia Starfyre Joins Amber Glow Talent Roster

Independent Malaysian VTuber Valryia Starfyre has announced that they will be joining the talent roster of US-based VTuber agency Amber Glow. The announcement was made following their recent 24-hour stream on Twitch.

While there has been no exact date yet of when they will join, Valryia has teased fans that they will be debuting with a new VTuber model, more specifically a genderbent one.

Valryia has thanked many of their VTuber connections within the Malaysian community, as well as thanking Amber Glow and its talents for welcoming them into the agency. Meanwhile, Amber Glow has also posted a congratulatory tweet for Valryia for joining them, stating that Valryie will be part of the agency’s first generation of VTubers.

Valryia Starfyre started off their VTuber journey on June 11, 2020. They debuted a new VTuber model in May 2021. Valryia is one of the over 200 VTubers in Malaysia, according to data from VTuber.Asia.

Amber Glow’s current VTuber lineup include first generation members Xiulan Long, Nunki, Misaki Nobunaga, Chelsea Whitmore, and Malcom Bell; as well as second generation members Abigail Marina, Vallini Laudo, Danica Allune, and Himeko Kumi.