Malaysia's Anime Fest Plus Host Hololive ID, Nijisanji EN, MyHolo TV VTubers

Malaysia's Comic Fiesta will organize Anime Fest Plus at the Tropicana Gardens Mall Convention Centre at Petaling Jaya from April 29 to May 1. Said event will host VTuber guests from Hololive English, Hololive Indonesia, Nijisanji EN and MyHolo TV.

The roster of VTuber guests at Anime Fest Plus in Malaysia happening from April 29 to May 1. (Photos: Comic Fiesta on Facebook)

MyHolo TV

All current MyHolo TV talents—flagship VTuber Liliana Vampaia, Lunaris Urufi, and the TRIDOXA generation (Karrot Keromi, Woozie Wannai and Liola Lightbringer) will have their respective segments this weekend.

  • Liliana Vampaia: Saturday, April 29 - 2:30pm at the Main Stage (Exhibition Hall, Level 3A)
  • TRIDOXA and Lunaris Urufi: Sunday, April 30 - 1:00pm at the Main Stage

Hololive Meet

Five talents from Hololive Production will be present as special guests in the event:

  • Anya Melfissa (Hololive Indonesia 2nd Generation) and Kaela Kovalskia (Hololive Indonesia 3rd Generation): Sunday, April 30 - 2:30pm at the Main Stage
  • Hololive Meet 2023 ambassador Kureiji Ollie (Hololive Indonesia 2nd Generation) and Hakos Baelz (Hololive English -Council-): Monday, May 1 - 2:00pm at the Main Stage

Nijisanji EN

Alban Knox from Noctyx, Nijisanji EN's 5th wave, will also be present in the event as a special guest. This is Alban's first appearance in the country.

  • Monday, May 1 - 6:00pm at the Main Stage

All three agencies will also have their assigned booths at the Exhibition Hall:

  • MyHolo TV: Booth A28
  • Hololive Meet: Booth A70
  • Nijisanji EN: Booth A68

Postcards featuring the featured Hololive and Nijisanji EN guests will be distributed to those subscribed to the VTubers' YouTube channels, which can be redeemed at the Level CC Information Counter.

More information about the full schedule and admission to Anime Fest Plus can be found on the official Comic Fiesta page on Facebook.

Banner Photo: Anime Fest Plus Event Page / Facebook
Schedules may change, check with the event organizer for the latest updates.