Miya Mareena Brings on The Summer Vibes With "Neon Soda Dream"

Miya Mareena on the track: "The new song being a summer song was my main priority at first. I wanted to create something fun and colorful!"

After more than a month of absence, MusicDrop is back: and this time we bring on the summer vibes! For our latest piece on this series, we feature indie VTuber Miya Mareena once again following the release of her summer-themed original song "Neon Soda Dream".

Since her journey as an indie VTuber, Miya has seen significant progress in her musical discography, ultimately culminating to her upcoming 3D concert on June 15.

NewsDrop has caught up with Miya following the release of her new original song, and what fans can expect on the upcoming 3D concert which will happen in a few weeks time.

"Something Fun and Colorful"

It's been four months already since we last featured you with your first original "Stardust". Aside from this being your summer anthem, what were some other inspirations you took in creating this song?

Miya: The new song being a summer song was my main priority at first. I wanted to create something fun and colorful! When thinking of themes to go along with that, I thought of the city I live in and how the asphalt always seems to reflect the summer heat even more.

It reminded me of how nice it feels to get a cold can of soda from a vending machine and I loved the idea of a vending machine as one of the main symbols in the song. So I decided to go with a bubbly soda theme mixed with the city heat, vending machines and some love sprinkled on top.

That's why the art turned out extra colorful as well!

On Creative Decisions

This song was written alongside Kuwanano, who we also featured recently. How did you come up with the lyrical direction for this song and what's it like working with them?

Miya: Working with Nano was simply amazing! I wrote a description of the themes I wanted to go with and wrote a few lines to show as an example.

What I struggled the most with was the vocal melody and that was the main reason I wanted to get Nano into this project. I think both the lyrics and vocal melody turned out so well!

Were there any specific creative decisions that led you to venture into a more summer-type track in comparison with your previous original track?

Miya: This time I took complete control over the theme and managing the entire production, so it was a little bit scary.

One of the original arts for the "Neon Soda Dream" track, drawn by Hira Yukisaku

Summer specifically is not my favorite season, but I wanted to still embrace it with this song and give my community something to listen to during the summer months.

Since it was a little scary to manage the whole project alone this time and work with so many people, I figured that it might be less dreadful if we work on something that looks and sounds very happy and fun.

Inspirations and Expectations

Could you tell us any music artist inspirations that you had for this new song and why?

Miya: There were two very specific songs that inspired me to go with some summer vibes this time.

Those two songs were Kilia Kurayami's Lonely In The Water and Sour Taste by Ironmouse. Honestly, I look up to both!

I even remember telling Kilia, in my first ever talk show episode, that her song inspired me so much and made me want to make my own summer song. That was back at the beginning of February!

Given that this is your latest track ahead of your re-debut and 3D concert, what can we expect more from Miya in terms of new tracks for fans to enjoy?

Miya: For the 3D concert in June people will see some new covers, which is super exciting! After that the re-debut will be my focus for a little while.

But whenever that happened (hopefully in August or September) I want to dive even deeper into music production and singing! It is one of my big passions and I feel like I still can learn so much.

The sky is the limit!

We thank Miya for her invaluable time to quickly respond to our questions. She is active on streaming and releasing content on both YouTube and Twitch, as well as sharing updates via X (Twitter).