Mori Calliope To Perform Ending Theme of "Suicide Squad ISEKAI" Anime

The song is titled "Go-Getters" and is produced alongside GIGA and TeddyLoid.

Mori Calliope of hololive English -Myth- has been announced as the artist who will perform the ending theme for the upcoming Suicide Squad ISEKAI anime series.

"Go-Getters" is Mori's latest song produced alongside GIGA and TeddyLoid. A preview of the song can be heard on the latest trailer for the anime.

Mori Calliope had teased about her participation in the upcoming anime series in a recent livestream. In a later video posted on the Warner Bros. Japan Anime YouTube channel, she stated that it has been a dream of her to perform a theme song for an anime, and that the song is about expressing yourself without fear and any shame.

This marks the first time Mori will officially perform an anime's ending theme song, following her stint in performing the theme song for One Piece's 106th manga volume titled "Future Island". Said track was also released as part of her EP "JIGOKU 6".

Her stint as an anime theme song artist also closely follows Hoshimachi Suisei's recent announcement of her performing the official theme song for the upcoming anime film Trapezium.

VTubers performing official anime theme songs are a growing trend, which included the likes of NIJISANJI VTubers performing the theme songs for the Good Night World anime, and hololive sub-unit NEGI☆U's (composed of talents inato Aqua, Oozora Subaru, and Momosuzu Nene) "Tsumari wa Itsumo Kujikenai" for the first cour of The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! anime.

Source: Mori Calliope Official X (Twitter)