MusicDrop #2: Virtual Paradise, Cloud19, Froot's First Cover

Our second MusicDrop release features more than 100 music listings from the wider VTubing community!

Welcome to the second edition our MusicDrop series! It's been two months since we released our first edition, and we're very excited to share to the wider VTuber community some of the VTuber music, both original and song covers, that we have collected during that time.

Don't worry!—If you think a recent song wasn't featured, feel free to reply to us on Twitter for some of these music gems, and we'll feature them in the next one.

For now, here's more than 100 music projects from the VTubing community for your enjoyment:

'Virtual Paradise': The VTuber Summer Album by Lone Alpha

We start off this MusicDrop with one of the hottest VTuber album release this summer, 'Virtual Paradise' by music producer Lone Alpha. The album features a ton of VTuber guestings, including Miori Celesta, AkioAIR's Kion Dojima, Kitsui Akira, Girl_dm, and much more!

We've recently reviewed the album, and also spoke with Lone Alpha to learn more about their music production journey!

'Cloud19': The Debut Album of PRISM Project's Iku Hoshifuri

In another major VTuber album release, we now turn to PRISM Project's Iku Hoshifuri, with the release of her very first album titled 'Cloud19'. The 11-track album features titles such as PRISM no You Ni, blue green, and Cloudscapes.

Froot's First Cover: Sun Killer

VShojo's Froot definitely surprised us with her very first cover: an outstanding rendition of Sun Killer by the popular Canadian heavy metal band Spiritbox.

Fans were very much surprised to hear Froot's metal screams for the first, with many VSingers praising her own take on said track. Aside from fans and VTubers alike, it has also caught attention of other heavy metal enthuasists, including metal singer and YouTuber Little V and even a retweet from heavy metal record label Rise Records.

And yes, even Courtney Laplante, vocalist of Spiritbox, has seen the cover, loved it, and even complimented the artwork, made by Viiperfish.

Indie VTuber Music Galore

We want to start off by highlighting the numerous indie VTuber music we have been blessed with over the past few weeks. And of course, we start off with an original song by Momoki, the VTuber persona of professional voice actress Caitlyn Myers, titled Ghoulin' My Way!

Other original songs from indies include:

Meanwhile, here are some of the numerous song covers from the wider indie VTuber community:

Some multiple covers made by indies include:

Other solo indie covers include:

Hololive, Nijisanji, and VShojo Releases

Surprisingly, we have a handful of great releases from Hololive, now that many music projects are in full swing in the agency including holo*27 with popular music producer DECO*27 and more recently, Blue Journey.

Some of the originals we have include:

  • Wonky Monkey by Inugami Korone (like seriously, this has no business being this good),
  • Who’s Toxic? It’s You! by Moona Hoshinova (the talent’s first take into the pop punk genre),
  • 1:15AM, a city pop-inspired original by Ayunda Risu,
  • Hi! Fine Fox by Shirakami Fubuki,
  • Yggdrasil by Shiranui Flare (with an enchanting 3D music video),
  • Oh! Asmara, the second original song by Kobo Kanaeru; and
  • Sweet Appetite by Hakos Baelz and Gawr Gura, as part of the holo*27 project.

Some Hololive covers include:

Meanwhile, here are some releases from Nijisanji:

Song covers include:

Some duo covers include:

And for our VShojo releases, we have:

Other Agency Releases

Song covers from AuroraLiveVR are in full swing!

Over at PRISM Project, we have:

Meanwhile, Phase Connect releases include:

At EIEN Project we have:

  • the original song Forever Home by the debut generation MUSEIA,
  • then an original song Underneath by Kilia Kurayami,
  • and a cover of Overdose by Kurayami once again.

Some AKA Virtual covers include:

More agency covers at:

  • RealCorpTVKill Bill by Rui Eventide and SPARKS! by Kora Kurage;
  • AkioAIR—the original song Find Your Light by the agency’s S1 Refract and Spark Again by Kion Dojima.
  • In Southeast Asia, Project Kavvaii’s Airi Gwynevere has released her first cover, Itte, with the music video featuring landscape videos submitted by the viewers themselves; and Mikazuki Mai’s cover of Flash!, an ending theme song of the anime Play It Cool, Guys.
  • Meanwhile, Thai agency Algorhythm Project has an original song Serpent by Asteroth and a cover of Escape From The Sky by the ORION Unit.
  • Other covers from agencies include Lum no Love Song by Virgil of KoMETA, Yubiwa by Vallini Laudo of Amber Glow, Amplify by Eirene from Projekt Nova, Sekaini Hitotsu dakeno Hana by Iori Matsunaga of RIOT MUSIC and Where Shall We Go by Coronetto from Project Kokonatsu.

Collaborations and Other Special Mentions

  • Here’s an interesting tidbit: Nebasei Cocoro, the official VTuber ambassador of Rohto Pharmaceutical, has released an original song titled Kiratto Eyes.
  • VTuber newscasters meet agency talents: the cover I Want to Fall In Love Fearlessly was made possible by Lae-Dee and Hai-Dee from Things VTubers Say, as well as Rita Kamishiro and Rikudou Yura from PRISM Project.
  • A cover of Top of the World was made possible by indie VTubers Miori Celesta, Asagiri Yua, Alpha Betta, and Rae Laveire.

In more collaborative goodness, we have:

  • Ifuudoudou by Amber Glow’s Xiulan Long, Misaki Nobunaga, Danica Allune, Mumuguru and Himeko Kumi;
  • Black Out by Wisteria Iroha, Alpha Betta, and Jasmine.
  • Also check out these massive collaborative covers of Let’s Get it Started by several Malaysian VTubers, and Hikari E covered by more than 20 VTubers.

Here are some interesting collab covers:

  • We have a mashup of I Really Want To Stay At Your House and Everything Goes On performed by Illya Kashkova and Vermelha Scarlet,
  • Then this fun cover of Gimme Gimme by Miori Celesta and Hakos Baelz (produced by Synthion),
  • Odo by Mori Calliope and Milky Queen,
  • GETCHA! by Kattarina Qutie and Tama Quon,
  • Dangerous Party by Hana Lisadell and Dandan,
  • Goodbye Declaration by Pan and KamiyaJuu,
  • (Not) A Devil by Tsunomaki Watame and Shigure Ui,
  • and Tokyo Teddy Bear by Himemiya Rie and Puella Ophelia.

And that's a wrap! And if you think we have missed out something recently or you know someone in the VTuber community who has released an original song or did a song cover, we now have a public form where you can list down these upcoming tracks! Until next time!

Featured: Meloco Kyoran, Momoki, Froot, Iku Hoshifuri, Kilia Kurayami