MusicDrop #3: 'Idol' Madness, Group Releases, Original Tracks

Almost at 100 entries for anyone to enjoy, this is our third MusicDrop article!

It's time for the third installment of the MusicDrop series. We have now made sure we are releasing this on an almost-monthly basis to really put greater focus on other tracks that may get lost due to the longer releases we had back then. So, expect a monthly MusicDrop list from us!

And now, here's this May's collected VTuber music, both original and song covers, for your enjoyment and inspiration.

YOASOBI's "Idol" Madness

As the hugely-discussed Oshi no Ko anime is currently airing, one of the most-discussed things about the series is the complex yet energetic opening theme song Idol by YOASOBI. Of course, following the pilot episode (which we definitely recommend watching it without context beforehand), we have been blessed with various VTubers doing covers of the opening song.

For now, choose your player here and enjoy from this list:

Music Releases from New Group Debuts

More recently, we have witnessed the new talent debuts from Kawa Entertainment (Kuromiya Lucien, Mino Mieko, Pastaroni Ravioli), and PRISM Project (Ami Amami, Kou Tsubame, Lana Shikami). With their debuts, they have also released their own music projects.

Starting off with the fifth generation of PRISM Project talents, they have released a multi-lingual cover of Orbit. Moreover, each of the talents have released their own music projects:

Meanwhile, cover releases from the new second generation Kawa Entertainment talents include:

Original VTuber Music Releases

We kick off this segment with an original music comeback from the 52-hertz VTuber Bao The Whale. She recently released her newest track titled "Love Me Not", produced by Overspace:

Other recent original VTuber tracks include:

  • "I Am Alone" by Hololive's Minato Aqua, Houshou Marine, and Tsunomaki Watame. This is the first track of the new music project Blue Journey.
  • Other new Hololive songs include "UMISEA no SACHIHAPPY" from the UMISEA music unit, "PSYCHO" by Hakos Baelz, and "Shattered Wings" by Banzoin Hakka.
  • "Next To Me" by the First Generation of Production Kawaii talents. Also, Nene Amano released an original track titled "Touching Clouds".
  • "TRIGGER" by MyHolo TV's Monstarz, which also included the now-graduated talent Virion Kisei and another previous MyHolo TV talent HORI 07.
  • Some other agency talent original releases include "Hengen Jizai" by PRISM Project's Pina Pengin and "God Willing" by VERSEn's Sera Alba.
  • "Let's Get Started" by Nelson Squirrel, Rayleigh Fox, and Whale Taylor.
  • Other indie releases include "Alive" by Hiroyuki Orion, "Needle" by Nina Saotome, "Brilliant Sky" by Yumemi, "Dawning Sky" by Delutaya, and the EDM track "The World FiNALE" by Sukima Altera.

Hololive/Nijisanji Cover Releases

Other Agency Cover Releases

  • EIEN Project's Kilia Kurayami is back on full force, with her covers of "Birds of Time" and "Requiem".
  • Of course, AuroraLiveVR's Serafina is also back with two new covers: "Ferrari," and "Blue Blood" featuring Kyou.
  • At PRISM Project, we have "Kanpai Funk" by Iku Hoshifuri, Aoi Tokimori, and Pina Pengin; "Patterns" by Non Anon and V&U's Yurikago Kokone, "Requiem" by Non Anon, and "Omae wa Mou/Already Dead" by Ami Amami.
  • Phase Connect covers include "Magnet" by Pipkin Pippa and Chikafuji Lisa, and "Requiem" by Amanogawa Shiina and Kaneko Lumi, as well as another version of "Requiem" by Himemiya Rie and Chisaka Airi.
  • From AKA Virtual we have "VOICE" by Caerula Aki and Gema Gathika, as well as "SOS" by Caerula Aki.
  • As part of their one-year anniversary, Project Kavvaii's Lunetide talents Airi Gwynevere and Mikazuki Mai have released a cover of "Romeo".
  • Other covers include "Oh, Asmara!" by Re:Memories' Reynard Blanc, "Ditto" by ShirayuriPro's Nyaru, and "OMG" by Amber Glow's Misaki Nobunaga.

Indie Song Cover Releases

Collab Releases

  • VShojo's Froot and indie VTuber Obkatiekat have collaborated on a cover of "115".
  • "Beat Eater" by Asara Seal, Miori Celesta, VESEN, Yasushi Pandoru, and Yure
  • "Ifuudoudou" by HYIO, uKiHa, and MAO

That's a wrap! If you think we have missed out something recently or you know someone in the VTuber community who has released an original song or did a song cover, we have a submission form where you can list down these upcoming tracks! Until next time!

Banner Photo: Nene Amano, Ami Amami, Bao, Nina Saotome