MusicDrop: Here's What to Expect from Alohaii's Upcoming "SUMMERTIDE" Album

MusicDrop recently caught up with Alohaii to share with us exclusively the album's direction, overall insights on the production, and expectations for fans.

Alohaii is finally back with a new album: another ode to summer called SUMMERTIDE. This marks Alohaii's third album since Maritime (2020) and Virtual Paradise (2023). It is also worth noting that this is Alohaii's first album where he bears the "Alohaii" branding, as he was previously known as Lone Alpha.

With the album set to be released on June 21, MusicDrop recently caught up with Alohaii to share with us exclusively on the content direction of the album, overall insights on the production, and expectations for fans as well.

Overall Theme

What would you say is the overall theme for your upcoming album "Summertide"?

Alohaii: When I sat down to write a new album I didn’t really know where I wanted to take it. I knew I wanted to write something with a story.

I began writing lyrics almost everyday about whatever was on my mind, and keeping whichever ones stuck. Over the following months, what emerged was this narrative exploring the fine line between love and obsession.

Deciding on the First Singles

Were there any particular reasons why the first singles released for the album are "One Step at a Time", "Rose", "Through the Night", and recently "Hopeless Romantic"?

Alohaii: All the singles had a ton of personal meaning to me. To me, One Step At A Time needed to be the first single because lyrically it wrapped up the nostalgic focus of Virtual Paradise and pushed this idea of moving forward toward a better future.

It was the first time I had written something that was able to make me tear up, and I knew it was a great representation of the more personal direction I wanted fans to expect for upcoming music.

"One Step at a Time" - Alohaii & Miori Celesta

I felt as though Rose and Through The Night would be something familiar for listeners that felt like an evolution of my past styles. Rose was undeniably a successor of Seasons.

I wanted to revisit the style with a vastly different lyrical approach about dealing with flaws in relationships.

"Rose" - Alohaii and Phase Connect's Ember Amane

Through The Night felt like a matured version of my old J-Pop remix style which garnered me a lot of my initial traction. Both of these allowed me to show a maturity in both my production and lyrical ability.

"Through the Night" - Alohaii & Yuuka Bear

Hopeless Romantic was vastly different from any vibe I had released before, so to be honest I was nervous about the reception. But I strongly felt that it needed to be released as the last single because of how much excitement I got from listening back to it throughout the entire creation process.

Paired with the fully animated music video, I knew it would have a much better chance to find it’s audience as a single than if it was released among all the other album tracks.

"Hopeless Romantic" - Alohaii & JubyPhonic

Change of Direction?

Compared to your previous album "Virtual Paradise", what would you say is the biggest theme change you're taking for "Summertide"?

Alohaii: In Virtual Paradise I explored the feeling of being stuck in the past. I wrote the lyrics in the album to focus on clinging onto memories, to reflect my mindset at the time. Summertide is focused on dreaming of the future.

New and Returning VTubers/Music Artists

While it's worth noting that you have Miori Celesta return to be featured in this album, you have also new VTubers joining the album. What's it like working with them for these new tracks?

Alohaii: It’s inspiring to work on demos with new singers with new ideas of how to perform the songs in an authentic manner. I wrote all the demos using Miku’s English voice bank, which gave me limited options for performance and emotion.

Ember’s vocals turned Rose from a static pop song into a wistful and airy track full of longing.

Yuuka completely doubled the energy of the demo for Through The Night with her electric performance and dense harmonies!

And Juby nailed the manic desperate energy of Hopeless Romantic far better than my vocaloid could. I’m blown away by all the vocalists on Summertide, both new and returning!

Are there any VTubers fan can expect to be also included in this album? How significant is the artist lineup by the way in terms of your album direction?

Alohaii: I recently announced the official tracklist which includes all featured vocalists!

Out of the 10 songs on the album, 8 were written before I found the vocalists. For these, I wrote out the instrumental and lyrics, and then made sure to choose the perfect singer for each!

I channeled a lot of my own emotions into each track and was very meticulous about finding a vocalist who could enhance each song’s emotion!

Hopeless Romantic was started from scratch with Juby’s input. She said she had been wanting to make a yandere themed song for a long time, so I took the opportunity to approach my own style from an darker angle, and write a song about an obsessive manic character desperate for her crush’s attention.

[Meanwhile,] Heart Of Glass was also created in close collaboration with Rachie, I sent her a draft of the chorus and she was instantly on board with the song.

From there we worked closely sending melody ideas back and forth as I continued to expand the instrumental aspect. It was one of the most engaging collaborations I’ve done and I’m excited for everyone to hear it!


As closing, what can fans expect from the overall musical direction for "Summertide"?

Alohaii: Summertide is me trying to capture all my favorite musical styles in one cohesive work. There’s a little something for everyone, from Electro Pop to R&B to Acoustic. There’s also a ton of impressive guitar and bass work done by my friends DSNG, Goro.K, and Tikaal. I’m super grateful I can showcase their talent to my fans!

Huge thanks again to Alohaii for answering our questions. You can listen to his music on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. You can also be updated on his latest updates on his official X (Twitter) page.