MusicDrop: Sagiki Ihori on Using The Sweet Metaphor for "Sweet Embrace"

On the latest MusicDrop piece: Sagiki Ihori explains the sweet and gentle metaphor on her very first original "Sweet Embrace"!

"Sometimes all you need is a sweet embrace". A succinct yet a gentle reminder from indie VTuber Sagiki Ihori as she releases her very first track titled "Sweet Embrace".

The track, produced by EONI with written lyrics and melody by Kuwanano, is being described by Sagiki previously as "dedicated to those who have lifted me up in my darkest days, those who have shared their laughs with me, those who have been there for me no matter what."

For our newest MusicDrop piece, we spoke with Sagiki on her initial thoughts on releasing her very first original track, as well as discussing in detail very specific people who have been the inspiring force behind this track!

Planning Stages and Production

First off, congratulations on your first original song! Could you tell us first the planning stages when you first conceptualized this song?

Sagiki: Thank you so much! To be honest with you, I still can't believe that I have an original song released - yet it has been a dream of mine for a really long time.

The idea of having a song "about the snacks shop" probably started around 2 years ago, I was discussing it with my best friend ShinohaiVT (shout out to him since he's an amazing musician!) and we exchanged some ideas - but I only had the opportunity to actually start working on it last year as part of my charity stream reward.

I came to EONI first to work on the instrumental for the song - actually around this time last year. Since to me, the snacks shop is intended to be a comfy and fun place that everyone can hang out at, I wanted to create a melody that is upbeat, cute and has that "popping" element. And so "Sweet Embrace" started from there!

It's my first ever original, so it was a bit nerve-wracking to oversee the whole process by myself - but everything was so smooth since everyone involved in the project are incredible to work with, so I think I'm super lucky in that regard!

The Snacks Metaphor

It is worth noting that the song uses snacks as a delightful metaphor to the song's overall message. How did you come up with the song's overall theme and lyrics alongside Kuwanano?

Sagiki: I gotta hand it to Nano for the super sweet lyrics. I've been a fan of Nano and their music for a while, so being able to work with them was absolutely amazing.

I know I wanted the theme to be about friendship, with of course a cute tone and lots of snack references that tie to my lore; but Nano was the one who came up with all the cool metaphors. Big love to them!

Who Inspired This Song?

It is also worth noting that this song is highly influenced by your utmost gratitude to those who have supported in your VTubing journey, including your close friends Dan and Emma. Can you tell us how much this song means to you as a VTuber?

Sagiki: Besides for the fact that it's a huge milestone for me as a small Vtuber / Singer, I truly hope the song bring as much joy to my community as they have brought me, and that it shows how much I appreciate each and every snackling who have ever been there for me, no matter how long.

I started my VTubing journey over 3 years ago - and even now, so many people who have supported me from the beginning are still here steadfast - I don't know what I would do without them.

Dan and Emma I think have literally been in every single one of my stream ever since they knew me (that's insane to me), and I also feature some of my closest friends' favourite snacks in the MV to symbolise them (I wish I could have included more to be honest - also shoutout to Alex who is my go-to artist for so many things).

As a creator, I do often feel like I'm not doing enough and not deserving of the support, so every bit of this song is dedicated to my community, to show that I'm here for them, that I will try my best to bring them comfort and fun, and I hope the snacks shop can be this cozy home that everyone can be themselves at.

Musical Inspirations

Could you tell us any music artist inspirations that you had for this first original song and why?

Sagiki: For "Sweet Embrace", I took great inspiration from Shawn Wasabi. I've listened to his music for a long time and I adore his inventive incorporation of different elements, bringing so many layers to the melodies.

His music is so unique yet always brings a very comfy cozy and approachable vibe, which is something I'd love to represent the snacks shop as as well!

Message to Fans

If there is one word that best describes 'Sweet Embrace', what would it be and why?

Sagiki: I would hope it would be 'comfort'. A comforting, sweet embrace for every soul, no matter what mood you are in. It brings me so much comfort to know I have the best of friends and community for me, and my wish is that the song also is a cosy hug to whoever listens to it.

Is there any message you'd like to say to your fans regarding this first original song from you?

Sagiki: I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY SILLY LIL SONG! I cannot thank you snacklings enough for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for being my 'sweet embrace' every day for the last 3 years, and I can't wait to share more memories, music, and hugs with you all.

Please also support everyone who worked on the project with me - Nano, Shigeru, Alex, EONI and Chikki - they are amazing!

We thank Sagiki Ihori for her time to explore her very first original song through this interview. She uploads her songs and covers via her official YouTube channel, and streams via Twitch. You can also be updated on her latest happenings by following her official X (Twitter) account.