MusicDrop #1: Suisei’s New Album, Phoebe’s Farewell, More Originals

Featuring 60+ tracks to add to your VTuber Music playlist!

The VTuber Music Recap is no more: Let’s all welcome the rebranded “MusicDrop”! We’re excited with this revamped music recap series, as we continue featuring more original and cover music from the wider VTuber community. This time, we will be incorporating a different approach to some of our biggest VTuber music releases during the period we have covered.

That said, we hope you can enjoy the newest installment of the MusicDrop series!

Hoshimachi Suisei’s New Album, The First Take, and More

We start off this list with the multiple music achievements from Hololive’s Hoshimachi Suisei. To begin with, we are now getting a second full album from her titled Specter, released on January 25 this year. This follows her first full album Still Still Stellar, released in 2021. You can check the full album on Spotify.

Also, how could we forget her historic appearance on the popular YouTube channel The First Take? She first performed an acoustic (and magnificent) version of Stellar, Stellar, then she performed on her second performance the single Michizure from her latest album.

Hoshimachi Suisei Sings on “The First Take”
Suichan is the first VTuber to be featured in the popular music YouTube channel

And lastly, she just recently concluded her second solo live concert titled Shout in Crisis. You can check out the first hour of the concert below for free:

All of My Life: Phoebe’s First Album–But With a Bittersweet Ending

We now check in with our favorite idol and singer Phoebe Chan, as she recently announced an indefinite hiatus from VTubing activities starting February 3—but not until she has blessed us with a final gift: A full-blown album titled All Of My Life. The full album can be now bought on Bandcamp, while you can check a preview of the album below:

Interestingly, her first full-grown album was the same title of a track she did in 2020. Her other releases include the EPs Moon Garden (2020) and Chill Bee​-​Ts to Buzz to (2021) and the single Symphonic Sky, released in 2022. We wish Phoebe the best, as she returns to more physical events as an idol!

Hololive & Nijisanji Releases

We have several original music releases from Hololive: Chiku Taku by Amelia Watson (which is also its own rhythm game), Raimei by Tokoyami Towa, and Raven’s Paradigm by Banzoin Hakka. Meanwhile, here are some other releases.

Meanwhile, here are some releases from Nijisanji:

  • An original song Watercolor by the Voltaction unit, composed of members Fura Kanato, Watarai Hibari, Shikinagi Akira, and Seraph Dazzlegarden.
  • Uki Violeta’s original song Starlight, Stargazer, produced by PrettyPatterns.
  • Nyanyannya’s Dr. Funk Beat by Leos Vincent.
  • Kanaria’s Identity by Maria Marionette and Zaion LanZa.
  • Koma’n’s Badbye by Zaion LanZa.
  • Little Glee Monster’s Dakara Hitorijyanai, covered by Nornis members.

Agency Originals and Song Covers

Once again, the wider agencies and groups of the VTuber community never cease to amaze us with their own originals and song covers.

Highlighting this list is VEE Project’s Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV’s first original song titled Kakumei no Overture, produced by FAKE TYPE.

Other originals include:

  • Pandemonium by our very own Xion de Noir!
  • Some originals from Projekt Nova: My Wish by Eirene and Under Control by Lorelei Chinami.
  • Aihubuki by Noel Pasta-Aibotan, a VTuber operated by Japanese company Noel Ltd.
  • Daydream Escape by RIOT Music's Yuka Nagase.
  • Forever Bloom by Production Kawaii Idol Project—Nene Amano, Isla Coleman, Shee Icho, Namiji Freesia, Lua Asuka, Reina Sun, and Charlotte Suzu.

For the covers, we have the following:

  • Over at AuroraLiveVR, we have PinocchioP’s God-ish and Dateken’s Honeymoon Un Deux Trois both performed by Hana Lisadell; Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ Unholy performed by Anora; Kanaria’s Yoidore Shirazu performed by Serafina; Hiiragi Kirai’s Love Ka? as performed by Lapis Umina; and a group cover of Snow Halation.
  • At PRISM Project, we have Rita Kamishiro’s rendition of ChiliChill’s If You Suddenly Think of Me, and Nia Suzune’s cover of Rosa Walton’s I Really Want To Stay At Your House. Another new entry just dropped: Meychan's Season and my story. sung by Naki Kamizuki.
  • We also have VYUGEN’s group cover of KIRA’s Hook’d; SEVENTEEN’s Snap Shoot sung by VReverie members Lilrya Prisvielle and Ophelia Midnight; Tsumiki’s Phony performed by Idol’s Juna Unagi; Kanaria’s Envy Baby by Phase Connect’s Tenma Maemi and Pipkin Pippa, and Yoidore Shirazu by Kawa Entertainment’s PiaPi UFO.
  • We also have Ayase’s Saikai by VSPO!’s Tsuna Nekota and Noah Kurumi, Triangle Dreamer by Daybreak’s Lila Maria, and LamazeP’s Triple Baka performed by Kawa’s Xion and Pia alongside indie Tsurugi Nen. Oh, and a group cover of the popular Ochame Kinou by Amber Glow talents.
  • In Southeast Asia, we have releases including Project Kavvaii’s Mikazuki Mai covering Kanae’s Broadcast Parade; a Thai cover of Kang Kang’s Yi Bai Tian Di performed by Polygon Project’s Aisha featuring JeanHZ; and some covers from AKA Virtual namely Lisa and Uru’s Saikai by Caerula Aki featuring Amarynn, and Ado’s New Genesis by Mai featuring Ica Zahra.

Independent Originals and Song Covers

We start off this segment with VIVIDVELOCITY, the high-adrenaline electronic track from VTuber and music producer Synthion, released on her one-year anniversary of VTubing.

Oh, and the plague doctor VTuber Freyja Celestine has released her very first original song titled Mirror, themed perfectly to the medieval air her character carries!

We have more originals here (and some firsts as well!)

  • Frostbite by Senz, released on his debut time!
  • After a long time, Mikeneko released her original song titled Drop.
  • Here’s an interesting one: Alphonse MacKenzie–who is part of the band Midnight Howl–has released the single Neon Fire along with his bandmates!
  • An original song titled The Incredible Sumi Ushio was composed and performed by Noriboshi Arielle to pay tribute to the former PRISM Project talent, who graduated in January 2022.
  • Tides by Cepheid featuring Zephyrianna and unit.o!
  • Lastly, don’t forget to pre-save Futakuchi Mana’s new original song Enmity, which will be released this February 12!

And of course, we have an absolute plethora of indie VTuber covers to choose from!

And that's the end of this new MusicDrop series, look forward to the next one!