MusicDrop: Exploring "Fiction" and "Isekai" With Xin Asuwa

Next on MusicDrop: we sat down with Xin Asuwa to learn more of the direction and context behind her two recently-released tracks "Fiction" and "Isekai".

How can two songs officially released weeks apart able to have some sort of thematic connection to it? For our latest MusicDrop piece, we sit down with independent VTuber Xin Asuwa to discuss her two latest tracks: "Fiction" and "Isekai", which were released weeks apart from each other.

In this interview, we explore with Xin the true roots of the tracks' overall creative and production direction, as well as her desire to continuously use her music prowess to show her thanks to her fans that had inspired her to always keep moving forward.

Connection Between Tracks?

Despite the tracks released weeks apart, it can be inferred that "Fiction" and "Isekai" in some ways are interconnected with one another. Was there a connection between these tracks?

Xin: No, there isn't a direct connection between "Fiction" and "Isekai." I actually made "Fiction" a year ago, but due to restrictions from the agency I was with at the time, I wasn't able to release it.

Now that I'm no longer with that agency, I finally had the freedom to upload my music to Spotify and other platforms, thanks to the encouragement from my chat.

It's been incredibly heartwarming to receive so much support, something I hadn't experienced before I started VTubing and focusing on music.

One could infer that "Fiction" and "Isekai" are connected in terms of the status quo of finding relationships. Why did you decide on moving into this direction for these songs?

Xin: Actually, there's not much behind the direction of "Fiction" and "Isekai" in terms of themes about relationships. Romance songs are incredibly popular and relatable for many people, and I aim to create music that resonates with listeners.

Additionally, the style of music I produce often lends itself well to romance themes, so it naturally fits for me to create songs centered around romance.

Creative Direction and Inspiration

Could you tell us a little bit more of how you planned out in conceptualizing and composing both "Fiction" and "Isekai"?

Xin: Absolutely! For "Fiction," the inspiration came from the romance manhwa I've read. I used to read a lot of manhwa, and romance stories, in particular, always resonated with me.

They poke my emotions and fuel my creativity, which I turned into creating "Fiction."

On the other hand, "Isekai" has a different origin. Back in December, I was live-streaming while making music, and my community and I stumbled upon a TikTok video of a guy playing a catchy guitar tune.

We decided to turn that tune into a full song. My community really liked it, so I went ahead and made a complete version of it.

Could you tell us any music artist inspirations that you had for these two songs and why?

Xin: I didn't have a specific artist in mind when creating "Fiction" and "Isekai." I've been songwriting and producing music for years now, and my goal has always been to develop my own unique style. I want people to recognize that it's my song when they hear the music.

However, I do have artists who inspired me to pursue music, with Avicii being a significant influence. As a DJ, music producer, and songwriter,

Avicii's songs have always resonated deeply with me. His music has been a source of comfort during tough times, and that inspiration has fueled my passion for creating music that can speak to others in a similar way.

Message to Fans

If there is one word that best describes both "Fiction" and "Isekai", what would it be and why?

Xin: The one word that best describes both "Fiction" and "Isekai" is "Nostalgic" For me, when I listen to these songs, they evoke a feeling of being transported back to a time I might have forgotten but have been missing.

They capture a sense of longing and reminiscence that resonates deeply with my personal experiences and memories.

Is there any message you'd like to say to your fans regarding these two songs from you?

Xin: I hope my fans enjoy these songs. My community is the reason I can do what I do and have the opportunities I have right now. I know that one of my strengths is making music, and my community enjoys listening to what I create.

So, I hope they like these songs, as they are my gift to the fans who always support me. I promise to keep making more music for them in the future too!

We thank Xin Asura for her time to answer our questions. She is actively streaming on YouTube, and releases any related updates on her official X (Twitter) and Instagram pages.