Mythia Batford Reconsiders Graduating Amid New Design, Lore Announcement

Hours after her initial announcement, popular Indonesian indie VTuber Mythia Batford reconsiders her graduation amid her new design and lore debut on September 29.

We are reporting with new information hours after the initial report was published on NewsDrop.

Popular independent Indonesian VTuber Mythia Batford has stated that she reconsiders her previously-announced graduation announcement which was previously set for March 2023.  This comes after Mythia has announced a new design, lore as well as an original song which will be released on September 29.

Earlier, Mythia stated that by March 2023, she will cease all of her VTubing activities, and encouraged fans to make good memories with her during that time.

However, hours after she initially posted it, Mythia said that she now reconsiders her graduation after receiving words of encouragement from Indonesian content creators Windah Basudara and MiawAug.

For context, the aforementioned Indonesian YouTubers recently appeared on an episode of Deddy Corbuzier's Close the Door podcast. During the episode, they discussed the rise of local content creation in Indonesia, including the rise of VTubers. However, they noted that ‘there is a dark side to VTubing’, where they stated that ‘some VTubers use their models to do sexualized content’.

Following the recent podcast episode, some VTuber fans had then assumed that the streamers were pertaining to Mythia, given that her recent VTuber models appeared more mature to conservative audiences. The VTuber was since then subjected to numerous hate messages, as well as threats to expose her real identity.

In addition, Mythia became an ‘easy target’ for online fans, considering that she is fastly becoming one of most-subscribed VTubers in Indonesia. Data from VTuber.Asia reveals that she is the most-subscribed independent Indonesian VTuber and the sixth most-subscribed VTuber in Indonesia, following several Hololive Indonesia members.

Mythia Batford currently holds over 600,000 YouTube subscribers, and recently dropped a merchandise collaboration with Indonesian gaming store Fantech. She is also part of the VTuber guest lineup at the upcoming Indonesia Comic Con on October 1-2, alongside Hololive Indonesia VTubers Moona Hoshinova and Kobo Kanaeru.

With translation assistance from R Dhaniswara