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Buried Alive Banger: Severed Steel

This week's Buried Alive Banger, a segment where we highlight a game we think deserves more attention than it got, is Severed Steel.

Severed Steel is an intense FPS with a high focus on slow motion and mobility. It features a short main campaign, firefight mode, and roguelike mode. The levels have interesting designs that allow the game to show off its mechanics in engaging and fun ways, and it all complimented by an amazing soundtrack that suits the gameplay.

It does a good job of making you feel like a truly unstoppable monster as you blast through squads of screaming and panicking soldiers. If you like games like Superhot, FAER or Ultrakill. Give it a go!

If you have an unknown game you want to recommend for our Buried Alive Bangers, let us know through our NecroNews Discord.

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