NexStage Project Announces Departure of Talents Behind Plumarielle, Jax Riot

In a statement to NewsDrop, the company said that they will work on adjusting their current company plans.

NexStage Project, a US-based VTuber company, has announced the departure of the talents behind the VTubers Plumarielle and Jax Riot. This is despite weeks after the talents, alongside other members of the debut unit CodeX, recently debuted on March 5 this year.

An initial statement from the company said that the departure was due to “various circumstances”, adding that the specific reasons are made private at the moment to protect the talents.

In a statement given to NewsDrop, NexStage Project acknowledges the departure of said talents, adding that despite what happened, they will never give up on their work and will work on adjusting their current company plans.

“NexStage Project will continue to provide support to the members of CodeX while we work towards re-debuting the project and delivering on everything we had promised for the first one and more,” Jake Mandel Popovics, executive producer at NexStage Project,said.

“In the meantime, we're still working on a lot of exciting content for CodeX while we upgrade and refine our technology and production pipeline. A large amount of what we've been working on has been delayed due to the recent events, but we hope to begin releasing it in the near future.”

The company also acknowledged the various technical difficulties that arose during CodeX’s debut concert stream, stating that they experienced equipment failure at the last moment, which was something out of their control.

“I would say the fact that our production team managed to get anything onto the stream under the circumstances is a miracle. Unfortunately, shows like the CodeX concert are difficult and expensive to produce, so as much as I would like to immediately redo the concert, it's going to take some time to get another one together,” Popovics added.

It should be recalled that NexStage Project promised a full-on 3D live concert for the CodeX talents. In a NewsDrop Spotlight feature about the company, it said that it is using Motion Workshop as the provider of our motion capture hardware, allowing for ideal rendition of the talents.

“I'd say the biggest thing that sets us apart from others who claim to have multimedia production is that we have 5 professional grade motion capture suits, a 3D pipeline, and the technological expertise that allows us to quickly turnaround 3D animated content. For us, livestreams and music are just the first step,” they said back then.

Moving on, the company stressed that it will resume its operational activities and will not shut down.

“While the technical issues at the concert were out of our control, our production team has learned a lot from the experience and is already taking measures to create something even better than we had planned for the original.,” they concluded.

“We're going to do this again, and we're going to do it right this time. Please look forward to the relaunch of NexStage Project's VTuber activities.”