NIJISANJI Collaborates with the NBA

30 NIJISANJI and NIJISANJI EN VTubers are set to be paired to NBA teams, details to be announced before May ends

Following its collaborations with football and baseball brands, major VTuber player NIJISANJI is set to host another milestone collaboration, this time with the National Basketball Association (NBA), regarded as the premier professional basketball league in the world.

Thirty of its talents across NIJISANJI's domestic and English branches are set to participate and represent 30 NBA teams, and exclusive original merchandise will be featured throughout the said collaboration.

Said collaboration will have have Inui Toko, Kuzuha, Sonny Brisko, Petra Gurin and Shu Yamino announce the talent-team pairings on YouTube Wednesday, May 29 (5:00 am PDT, 9:00 pm JST).

The list of participating NIJISANJI talents are as follows:

  • NIJISANJI: Inui Toko, Hayato Kagami, Kanae, Kuzuha, Sasaki Saku, Nago Kei, Fuwa Minato
  • NIJISANJI EN: Ike Eveland, Alban Knox, Ver Vermillion, Vezalius Bandage, Vox Akuma, Uki Violeta, Enna Alouette, Elira Pendora, Reimu Endou, Claude Clawmark, Sonny Brisko, Doppio Dropscythe, Kotoka Torahime, Fulgur Ovid, Finana Ryugu, Vantacrow Bringer, Petra Gurin, Maria Marionette, Millie Parfait, Shu Yamino, Yu Q. Wilson, Luca Kaneshiro, Ren Zotto

First Phase: 10 NIJISANJI EN stars were paired with select teams in the league's Eastern and Western Conferences.

Established in June 1946 as the Basketball Association of America and merged with competitors National Basketball League on August 1949 and the American Basketball Association in 1976, the NBA is composed of 29 American teams and 1 Canadian team (that being the Toronto Raptors).

This is a developing story and will be updated with information as needed.

Source: NBA x NIJISANJI on Rakuten Collection