NIJISANJI EN Announces First AR Live Concert, Colors

Japanese VTubing giant NIJISANJI is giving their English talents the stage with their first major AR Live concert, Colors, in April 2023.

The vocal cords of NIJISANJI EN have been well and truly tested over the last two years, with their top VTuber stars releasing a number of covers and original songs.

However, now they’ll get a chance on their own biggest stage with the reveal of their first AR Live concert, Colors, happening in April 2023.

  • Not all NIJISANJI EN waves will be taking part: All-female groups Lazulight, Obsydia, and Ethyria will take to the Pastel Stage on April 8, 2023, while male waves Luxiem and Noctyx will make up April 9’s Vivid Stage.
  • The recently debuted ILUNA and XSOLEIL waves won’t make an official appearance ⁠— but you can bet there’ll be watchalongs.
  • The concert will be held in 3D for all except Fulgur Ovid due to “unforeseen health reasons.”. This comes after the initial wave of NIJISANJI EN 3D debuts from Lazulight’s Elira Pendora, Finana Ryugu, and Pomu Rainpuff across January.

It honestly feels unreal still,” Obsydia member Petra Gurin said during the January 22 announcement. “We hope you are just as excited as we are. Please look forward to seeing us there.

NIJISANJI EN’s members have participated in agency-wide events in the past, such as NIJIfes 2022. However, Colors is the first major concert for the English branch highlighting their own amazing talent.

The first portion of each day will be streamed for free live on YouTube and Niconico. Tickets cost 10,000 JPY for the whole weekend, or 5,500 JPY for each individual day. There will also be no in-person event, just an online stream.

Merch and further details about Colors will be revealed closer to the event date.

Banner Photo: Nijisanji World on Twitter