Zaion LanZa Temporarily Suspended by Nijisanji EN Management

The VTuber goes offline following repeated misconduct. There is no indicated date for when she will return to streaming.

Nijisanji EN's 7th-generation VTuber Zaion LanZa was temporarily suspended by management in a letter released Wednesday, February 8. She was suspended following repeated misconduct of the company's rules. There is no indicated date for when she will return to streaming.

The letter states that management had warned Zaion several times about compliance issues since debut, but even so, there were no improvements and the following have occurred:

  • Remarks showing no intention to improve from previous issues and false statements during streams,
  • Discrepancies between information given to management by Zaion LanZa and her acts,
  • Insensitive jokes that cannot be tolerated as a Nijisanji liver.

The agency asks viewers to contact them directly for any questions regarding this matter, and not to ask any talent regarding the suspension order.

XSOLEIL's council treasurer debuted December 10 last year alongside her genmates Hex Haywire, Kotoka Torahime, Ver Vermillion, Doppio Dropscythe, and Meloco Kyoran. Just last month, she has released a cover of koma'n's Badbye.

Banner Photo: Zaion LanZa on YouTube