Nijisanji’s Axia Krone Goes on Indefinite Hiatus Following Targeted Online Slander

Axia Krone from Nijisanji's Eden-gumi group is going on an indefinite hiatus following reports of constant slander and targeted online harassment against him on-stream.

In a statement posted by parent company ANYCOLOR, the hiatus was made following Axia’s wishes to take a break, as the negative comments have affected not only the talent’s physical and mental health, but also other talents around him.

ANYCOLOR has stressed in their statement that the online harassment has greatly affected their livestream distribution, and that they would not tolerate such fan behavior to carry on across their online channels.

The company also added that following these negative events, they are filing criminal charges against online users who have spread such malicious information regarding Krone and other talents.

“We have already started concrete legal measures to deal with the malicious business obstruction and infringement of goodwill against our business in cooperation with our legal advisory firm and the police,” ANYCOLOR stated.

In addition, the company has already identified certain websites that are promoting such negative statements targeted towards their talents. It has also encouraged the public to report to them if they see any forms of targeted harassment against their talents moving forward.

Krone released two videos before proceeding with his indefinite hiatus, the first is a video addressing possessive fans, and the second is a diss track. (Both videos are already taken out of public viewing.)

Axia Krone debuted alongside his Eden-gumi colleagues Lauren Iroas, Leos Vincent, Oliver Evans, and Lain Paterson. He debuted on July 22, 2021.