NIJISANJI Star Vox Akuma Announces Streaming Return After Sudden Hiatus

Vox Akuma is returning to YouTube on March 2 after the NIJISANJI star took a sudden hiatus earlier in February.

Kindred get ready: Vox Akuma is ready to grace your screens again starting March 2.

Three weeks after the NIJISANJI star took a sudden hiatus, he is preparing for his YouTube return with one message: Whoever prayed for my downfall, you lost.”

Vox departed suddenly on February 10 after saying he “received some bad news from family [and] streams will be canceled indefinitely until further notice.”

He followed up hours later, adding his “situation is under control” but he needed extra time before he was able to return. “Please be good to one another and respect my privacy at this time.”

Vox wasn’t absent throughout the last three weeks, even if his content slowed down. He tweeted out a voice message to his fans around Valentine’s Day, one of Kindred’s favorite days to spend with their beloved VTuber.

“I’m frustrated beyond reality that I couldn’t be streaming today, because today is such a special day,” he said. “Last year, Valentine’s Day was so formative for the kind of things I wanted to be doing.

“When I came back from having gone to Japan with Luxiem I really wanted to focus on myself, and to keep pushing and keep working. It’s so upsetting that I literally just can’t at the moment.”

‌It’s still too far out to know what Vox will do on his big return, but reactions to his return indicate it’ll be a big day. VTubers from all agencies and backgrounds have come out to support him, including kouhai Hex Haywire noting your throne awaits.”