Nijisanji’s Axia Krone Officially Graduates

Just months after the VTuber agency announced his indefinite hiatus, Axia Krone from the Nijisanji’s Eden-gumi group has announced that he has officially graduated from the group on November 30.

  • ANYCOLOR, said in a statement that while they have discussed other possibilities for Krone’s future activities in the group, they respectfully accept his decision to leave.
  • The agency has also expressed their sadness with Krone’s decision, especially as fans are expecting Krone to return from his indefinite hiatus.
  • Furthermore, Nijisanji has also looked back on his game streaming-centric activities since his debut on July 22, 2021.
  • Krone, in a separate statement, said that it has been ‘difficult’ for him to continue his VTubing activities.

Following the decision, Nijisanji has announced that his social media channels (Twitter and YouTube) will be officially closed on December 7. Subsequently, merch and voice sales will halt accordingly.

For those who want to send fan letters, the agency will be accepting them up until December 31 this year.

Axia Krone went on indefinite hiatus in August this year following reports of constant slander and targeted online harassment against him on-stream.

  • During that time, the agency stated that these targeted negative comments affected their livestream distribution, and that they would not tolerate such fan behavior to carry on across their online channels.
  • In response to these targeted hate comments, ANYCOLOR has declared that they will be filing criminal charges against online users who have spread such malicious information regarding Krone and other talents.
  • For the whole month of September, Nijisanji's managing company ANYCOLOR, Inc. reported that they have handled a total of 88 cases that month related to those spreading malicious comments against their talents.
  • Some of the countermeasures ANYCOLOR had done include identifying websites which infringe on the rights and honors of Nijisanji livers, contacting such websites asking them to remove such materials; as well as filing deletion requests against those who vandalize the livers on social media.

Axia Krone debuted alongside his Eden-gumi colleagues Lauren Iroas, Leos Vincent, Oliver Evans, and Lain Paterson.

Source: ANYCOLOR Press Release