Nyanners Leaves VShojo To Become Indie, Third Departure In A Week

Nyanners is returning to independent VTubing, ending her contract with VShojo two years after the agency kicked off.

Nyanners has become the third VShojo VTuber to leave the agency and become an independent talent in the last week, with the founding member choosing to not renew her contract on April 30.

“After much consideration, I’ve decided not to renew my contract with VShojo,” she said on Twitter. “This decision is my own and not a reflection of my relationship with any of the other members, and it is something I have been seriously deliberating for a while.

“I’m deeply appreciative of all the opportunities that being a member of VShojo has presented over the past two years and wish everyone, staff and fellow talent alike, all the best.”

She stated the return to independent VTubing ⁠"won’t change who I am, any of my content, or who I choose to collaborate with moving forward.”

The star’s departure has been met with an abundance of support on Twitter from VShojo members and others alike.

“Love you so much,” Ironmouse said in reply to Nyanners. “I can’t wait to see what you get up to next and let’s play more games together soon!”

"Nyan you’re gunna do awesome stuff," Zentreya added. "You’ve always been able to do amazing content and I am always cracking up at each video, especially the screaming, and I can’t wait to see what you do next!"

The agency itself also tweeted out a short statement, adding “we fully support her decision and are grateful for her contributions to the growth of VShojo.”

Nyanners’ departure now leaves VShojo with eight members, following Silvervale and Vei's decision to not renew their contracts with the agency last week.