You Have 300 Ways to Meet VTubers at OffKai Expo Gen 3 this Weekend

You read that right: Find your oshi and heck their schedule (be prepared with sudden changes though)

Everyone wants to be at OffKai Expo this year, and we know it. As the annual VTuber convention kicks off this weekend, this writer singlehandedly tracked all meet and greet schedules – hosted by the Expo and its exhibitors – into one whole list.

That's on top of our OffKai Expo coverage with Nethyr representing us in person – and yes, we are definitely excited to see what's up in the pioneer VTuber event. This year's Expo has more areas to cover, including an Industry Track featuring the latest in VTuber tech.

Here's what we have learned after tracking down almost all scheduled meet-and-greets from the Expo's website to the X/Twitter of each guest VTuber:

  • You have 300 ways to meet VTubers. We are waiting for other groups to post their schedules, and this number may change.
  • Aside from the schedules hosted by OffKai Expo itself, Kawa Entertainment (VTuber NewsDrop's founding partner) and YoruNoMachi got their calendar jam-packed with more than 20 scheduled meet-and-greets each.
  • Around 150 of these (VTubers with multiple schedules are also counted) are coming from the Independent scene.
  • Around 63 VTubers are listed to be meeting their fans using roaming robots with monitors and cameras attached, thanks to OshiLive and Hentai Matsuri (VShojo will have their sets as well at the OffKai Cafe).
  • Phase Connect, V4Mirai and idol talents indeed will be busy as they got more scheduled meet and greets than any other group featured at the Expo.

Browse through the list below (for Desktop users) or open the link to view on Notion (mobile users). Take note that the dates/times listed reflect your current timezone – if you are reading this from Sydney, then the times listed are synced to yours.

Disclaimer: As we keep track of the schedules, please do take note that the exhibitors or the event take charge of their guests' schedules, and therefore dates/times are subject to change.

It's best to keep abreast of their schedules through their X/Twitter accounts, as the list provided are shared simply to show the impact of the event as the VTuber convention.

If there's any urgent update about their scheduled times, their info shall take top priority. (tl;dr it's up to them if the schedules change, we absolutely have no control on that part)