OshiLink Debuts CELANIS Generation on May 10

Meet this new variety VTuber group this weekend!

New VTuber agency OshiLink is set to debut its first generation talents Friday, May 10 PDT.

CELANIS, the agency's pioneer generation, is the agency's initiative after its COMETs program where independent creators can be partnered together with the agency.

Rina Astera, Audica Sevens, L'arc Delta, Ba'al Arland, and Lauren Radios will form the said generation.

Rina Astera

Rina founded CELANIS, a group of vigilantes. A classy and elegant VTuber on the surface, Rina has a hint of mischief underneath. The group's leader likes to play farming games and colony simulators, all while engaging in lovely conversations with her audience.

She was busy: Trying to "updog" her colleagues.

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Audica Sevens

Idol VTuber Audica serves as the heart of CELANIS who protects people with her songs and transforming them into her fans. As a VSinger, she will karaoke as long as she desires. Off-stage, she will also play action roleplay, hack-and-slash, and story-based games on stream.

She was busy: Preparing for her debut (Break a leg, you got this!)

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L'arc Delta

Delta is CELANIS' support guy who has his library as the group's headquarters. Delta's fun and mischievous side comes out through his art, singing and game streams, including MOBAs and horror games. Not to mention, he streams in both English and Spanish.

He was busy: Drawing his followers as picked by the roulette.

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Ba'al Arland

Young master Ba'al Arland leads the underground mafia group Goetia, and also takes charge of CELANIS' operations. He's using his influence in the underground to help his friends. As a chill guy, he likes to indulge in shooter games, RPGs and story-driven games during his time off.

He was busy: Falling asleep.

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Lauren Radios

Celebrity talk-show host Lauren is the voice of CELANIS who loves to sing, talk, do game shows and play games which are hidden gems on stream. Like Delta, he streams in both English and Spanish.

He was busy: Telling Rina a story for more than 5 minutes. (Maybe we can request for the uncut version of Rina's short clip?)

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